Incentive to finish Ninja Event faster

There should be a real reason why ninja event has cooldowns. If it’s to just annoy players, then the “feature” is totally a failure.


Why not give a small incentive for those who finish Ninja Event faster, i.e. players get their offensive ninjas back when they completed 30 island, and defensive ninjas back the moment the requirement is reached by the alliance.

Why not to make them as hard as it was at start?

now its a joke. I can understand why they making this, but i dbt like to see the ninja is easy walk 

Cooldowns in ninja at least seem explainable - boat sails to target what takes time. Cooldowns in conquest, however, don’t - you get from A to B instantly and then wait for X minutes instead of taking the time to get there. I know why it’s like this but it looks annoying and pointless.

That being said, I hate the ninja cooldowns too and don’t know why they’re even there. It’s needless padding. We have 32 total attempts regardless, why not be able to do the entire event in one sitting, just like pro league (there are no cooldowns there, fancy that)?

Also, I think the difficulty needs to be more even. The first 25 islands are a waste of time, might as well remove them and pay the gold/exp/medals upfront, it’ll be less bothersome that way. :grinning:

The real reason is to milk players who can’t or don’t want to wait to finish their ninja event ASAP.

This is a cash grab done right: both pay and free players get the same thing in the end, but paying players are able to do their attacks on their own prefered time without having to wait for cooldowns.

Maybe annoying but certainly not pointless. The cooldown is non-existent/low in allied territory, is higher in neutral and highest in enemy territory. You don’t want to have an untargetable enemy scout running around. You would have no idea an enemy scout ran through your territory and back without the cooldown.

I know that, that’s why I said I understand the reasoning for it, it just looks unnatural. Having your kind trot to the specified location (that you can’t cancel) for x minutes/seconds while he can be intercepted would look (as we’re talking about presentation here) a lot more reasonable than just appearing there and having to wait. Time spent is the same but the impression is quite different.

Well you cannot expect everything to be realistic comparing a game to real life. Certain rules are required to keep the game balanced.

I’m not expecting it to be real-life-like, just to be consistent with itself. And cooldowns in ninja have nothing to do with balance, they’re there because reasons (to be precise, to force you to spend gems, which NO ONE does so it’s pointless).