increase favorite list

10 is two short.

i need at least 20.


More will be better. 

Some of us write names down on paper or in a document. Then you can have an endless list.

:slight_smile:   I really did not think of this. The pen is really mightier than the sword.



Honestly I don’t use it myself, but I know Edward has a list of players who sometimes open their base.


there are names you cannot write because of the languech…

any way i dont think itts difficult for fg to do that



I would estimate that about 20% of players are Russian or Chinese. How do you write their names down and how do you search for them?

I have logged this question as a support question and guess the answer: “use the favourite list”.

Karman this looks like a recursive stack overflow error - or what do you say?

on smartphone you just have to install the language pack for your keyboard and just switch when needed but for computer i don’t know if it is possible also because it’s not like on phone that you can hold down the letter and appear the accents or other type of that letter 


There is always a difficult way to solve a problem. Would it not be very nice if the next maintenance update fixes some of these little things?

You yourself has revamped you wiki web site. Why? (Maybe you care a lot about quality. Maybe Flare should appoint you as a quality manager then you can show them how it should be done.)


You can’t add those strange names to your fav list because you need extra space, then you ask for help and the solution is the problem itself LOL.

Yeah, sounds like two methods that never stop calling each other, like and infinite cycle but between methods, and that indeed happens on recursion when you completely messed up the calls haha. And I guess it qualifies as stack overflow only if your computer runs out of memory for your program due to so many calls, as this error is more common when you messed up dynamic memory xD