Increase in Celestial Boost levels


I was wondering if you could add more levels after 28. So

29 could be 25% reduction in Celestial Boost. 

30 could be +1 Shrine of power upgradation slot

31 could be +1 War Academy upgradation slot

32 could be 50% reduction in Celestial Boost

33 could be an additional special power for any one hero at the highest lvl

34 could be permanent fleet of ships guarding the island of the Hero who is chosen for Hero’s Statue

35 could be +5 Titan daily Titan points

Just some thoughts,




I think we need at least 2 more levels of Dominance in there too.

You said it Dumpster, I am static at 30k forever.

I was making a joke actually. The dominance celestial boosts are unpopular because you max out dominance pretty early. With the greatly lowered amount of dominance needed to unlock heroes now, I wonder if we need the dominance boosts at all?

Reviewing the Prestige Rewards is something we have on our design list for the near future, so thanks for the feedback here.