Increase king's level

It’s been very long since there’s an increase of level. Many are stuck at 130 with nothing to do with the extra xp.


Please add more levels even if the added levels don’t add much. Don’t even mind just adding 5 measly hp to each new level but at least as part of the game, gaining xp from raids will mean something again.

Bump for better presence ?

You forget oPelle/Pellez’s retirement. Flaregames and Keenflare, with the release of the version 3.7, added 10 more alliance levels, from level 70 to level 80. Keen HQ was the quickest alliance to reach level 80, Vanguard Legion took 3 days, while Pellez’s alliance (i.e. Gods of Destiny) is still stuck at level 73. Pellez has accused Flaregames and Keenflare ruined Gods of Destiny. The failure of his alliance it’s one of the reasons he left this game.

  1. That’s alliance level, not king’s level. Two very different things.

  2. Opelle went on to another level 80 alliance and he was still the leader. He certainly didn’t leave the game because the alliance level was increased from 70 to 80.

  3. Like I said, doesn’t matter if it just adds 5 hp to the King per level. It’s part of a multiplayer feature where the ceiling is always kept high enough even though it doesn’t really affect the gameplay. In traditional gameplay lingo, it’s more like a “high score” kinda thing.


After leaving Gods of Destiny, he joined MASTER MEME and became the leader (it’s at level 77) until mid July 2018. Then he left MASTER MEME together with some veterans and he joined Die_Unbeugsamen (it’s at level 80 and in that case he didn’t become the leader), because version 4 was about to be released.


Players at level <130 could be discouraged and then could leave this game. 2 things not so different. Moreover unique super items and pro items at level 130 would become useless. Flothaboss has >300 between unique super items and pro items at level 130: he would take it very badly.

Players shouldn’t be discouraged by the extra levels.

In MMOs like WoW (World of Warcraft), there’s a constant increase in the maximum level.

Like once a year, every time a new expansion is released. It’s perfectly understandable.

This happens to increase interest, give an objective to look for. Something we may also need here, but maybe only 5? (btw I’m below level 130).

Such thing also happens in a lot other games.


I wouldn’t worry about Flothaboss because he’s now on the developers team.

So basically, he can have any item he wants to test any kind of feature or even just show on a youtube video.

As one of 130 level king i can say im definitly against the new levels