Increase magic chest expire time

Hi developer,

suggestion Increase magic chest expire time from 2 days to at least a week long. Its kind of annoying during alliance member gem purchase. daily chest expiry date.



It can be a good idea, but 2 days are efficient, if You increase You Can win a League with all your chests… So it s inegual yet.

maybe you are new to the game that explain why you don’t know the reason. In the past with version 1.7.0 or older version the chest as no time limit at all and people can stack them and obtain if wanted 200 chest. do you imagine the upgrade and stuffs that give you for free without needed raiding. Today if there is a time limit of 2 day since i think its 1.9.6 its to avoid people to stack so much chest. If flaregames prolong the time of chest people gonna stack them easily and obtain over 40 chest. With free chest + daily chest + War Chest that kill the balance of the game 

When you need gold and no one have gold because no one doing their raid for me that broke the balance completely but with a timer of 2 day you can stack 30 Chest or around just enough on the limit more than that the game gonna be dead in a way

Free chest give Legendary Chest every 2 hours or 4 hours depending of device to obtain just watch a video that give between 12 and 16 chest in 2 days. 1 Legendary chest give between 600k and 1M if you add common,magic and epic chest from daily and War. doing upgrade is so easy no need to raid anybody. Since 2.5.4 this function is out or work just a little. since 2 month I watch like 10 video not more

that the reason why Flaregames never prolong and gonna never prolong the timer of the chest or the raiding function and battle gonna be useless and kill the game


Melt time very slow, BS suck