Increase point of unique item

Some unique item is low score lol and not useful 

exp: Ajax…in picture it’s max lv.127, while with normal item I could up to 70-80k speed 

about potency unique, it’s not useful with max is only 28-30%, it should to be 40-50%

Yup, that’s the joke.

I have roughly that much on a properly forged cursed item. Lvl 115


Funny fact: this is a dupe thread, there is already a rant about unique stats. Which means what? Yes, I will merge it soon. Thanks for avoiding double posting, much appreciated!

I have that armor and its a death trap for ajax. It has lousy health compared to even kinda bare bones titan armor and the weapon speed is so low that it barely registers. Compare it with 140K+ health and over 100K resistance from any well forged normal armor and you’d be stupid to use it. But that’s the joke, right?


the only thing I would add is that it is in fact unique in that you almost certainly won’t find armour with speed of attack, so maybe that’s why the stats are lower that the usual stuff you get, but then the health should at least be in range rather than very low.

uniqs need more boost, is ironic that armors have stats 119lvl , fg need too look that

Last June the devs made the base stats of items really really suck. They did this because they raised the level cap from 115 to 130 and they claimed that offensive power needed to be rebalanced. The type of items that used to spawn for level 114/115 players started being spawned by level 122ish players. They also admitted in other posts that part of the problem was that they had waited too long to increase the level cap and that high level players had gotten too powerful as a result, making the need to “rebalance “ even more necessary. Astute readers will notice that the same thing has happened again. 

For the most part, the item nerf doesn’t really factor in to the current game. Every player who was high level during the nerf has either quit or leveled to the point where their current gear has overtaken their ancient gear, and forging has all but ensured that. Unique items are the one place where you can still see the item nerf, though. Uniques are weak and flaccid, and without the ability to forge them, they are almost always worse than normal gear. 

It’s my contention that unique items were nerfed a second time, corresponding with the increased unique drop rates last fall. This hasn’t been confirmed, and if it’s not true, it just underscores what a terrible design decision the big item nerf was in the first place. The end. 

This post has made developers nerfed the forging @Tomaxo.

Instead of boosting stats of unique items (some) developers destoyed Forging system to make unique items powerful and desirable than normal gears.

Sad though but I guess they won’t do anything about it 

I don’t think it had anything to do with that post. I think it was because of the increased testing surrounding the 4.0 release. 

It could be but I’m not sure. In fact I kinda agree with the following comment from dumpster:

One of the solutions would be to create new and more powerful but more elusive uniques aka Elite and Exceptional Uniques, with more than 2 Perks per item, as I suggested back in January:

I dream about them for v4.5 or v5.0. ?