Increase Raid Time limit


During this latest war, I have experienced a problem that I’ve always faced on RR2, as have many players I’m sure, but now it’s beginning to take the biscuit!

We’ve all had that battle where we managed to get to the castle gate and you’re taking it down, it’s all good, your future’s looking bright, unicorns are farting rainbows and OH NO… Time’s up!!!

This has happened many times before and during this war it’s happened to me  times!!! Trust me when I say I plowed through the defense like a field of daisies. Yet somehow I just needed an extra second, on  5  occasions, to win! 

I know there’s an allocated time depending on the length of your path and I would like for that time to be extended. For those who don’t know:

Path Length     Time

15                    1m 40s

17                    1m 20s

19                    2m 

21                    2m 10s

23                    2m 20s

25                    2m 30s

27                    2m 40s

29                    2m 44s


As you can see, the time limit extends by 10 seconds per 2 tiles  EXCEPT  for the last one where for some reason it only increases by 4 seconds!

This is not fair and I’m sure every player would like to see AT LEAST  another 6 seconds added to the time would be 2m 50s for a path length of 29!!

I have many more arguments to make on this suject but right now I dont have the time. Please support this so that fight’s can be fairer!!

Thank you

Fabs   :slight_smile:


Good post and it is good info to know. I myself like the above arrangement. (There is after all a very big defence advantage in maxing your castle gate)

I would love to hear your other arguments. “Not fair” does not go the full way of convincing me of the value of changing this. This is the situation for all players, so it is fair (I think).

Thanks OilFire,

Yeah ‘not fair’ might not have been the greatest of word choices to use here. For me I’m in that transition phase between low level 3000 and high level 3000 and the people I fight usually all have boosted ogres and wolves and stuff as they’re all in big alliances. Usually this annoys the heck out off me because 2 ogres come nearly each wave and my scream doesn’t regen fast enough so my troops get stunned every second wave. Overall I’m fine because I can make it past them all and reach the gate but I only have 10 seconds left to take it down and I’m always a second too short.

I just can’t think I’m the only one who goes through this problem! I’ll make my points in the next post  :grinning:

Here are some more points:

  • It takes 4 or 5 seconds to run across 2 empty tiles so essentially we have  less  time to complete a path which is undoubtedly harder because of high level defenses
  • It causes people who face high players to use scrolls like a maniac so they can rampage through a persons base in time to win
  • The actual difficulty of high levelled players defenses!!! This is a point I can’t stress enough! First wave 3 ogres, second wave 2 wolves (all boosts activated), all towers are maxed and a lot of these towers can’t be taken down by sonic blast at max level! …and we’re expected to complete this in the same amount of time than those who just happen to have a lev 14 gate (usually around 2800 trophies I find)!

One way they could improve this is to seperate the path and the castle gate time limit!

For example, you have 1m44s to complete the path and as soon as you arrive in the castle gate area, you have 20 seconds to destroy it. I think it’ll be more fun this way as we won’t have another thing to panic about whenever we face a hard opponent, like dying, looking at the time to see when you call the last troops as they won’t get to you in time, all the buildings that are trying to kill you, best place to use the scream, that moment on whether you should use heal spell just in case you die and it costs more gems…etc (really stressful)!!!


They could extend it by 6 seconds so the whole raid time concept remains logical!!!  

If i understood you correctly, you don’t really have a problem with the time limit, but a problem facing boosted bases with your unboosted offense.

I had these problems, too. They started at around 3300 - 3500 trophies. Beginning there, more and more boosted bases appeared. And because i rarely have boosts, i was at a disadvantage (like you). The “normal” solution would be to level the playing field and get boosts yourself. Then you would be able to beat those bases. Longer raid times would give boosted attackers a too high advantage.

So it’s on you to develop a strategy against these bases, and i can tell you, that they exist :grinning:

I would love to have the waves you described: 3 ogres and then 2 wolfs. EZ PZ: Ogres die in one blow with swordrain, wolves are slaughtered by frosters. One thing is crucial in your situation: you have to concentrate on the combo you come up with. Max it, no diversification. Otherwise you won’t overcome this trophy range (unboosted). Of course, with low level swordain and low level frosters you won’t beat the ogres and wolves :stuck_out_tongue:

Ogres die with swordrain, really? never tried it, I only boost heal, blade and sonic. My boosted ogres have 20k health, can a swordrain really take them out in 1 hit?

 But I get by fine, my alliance also uses boosts and I can beat the ogres. I just smash my keyboard and spawn a buttload of boosted nights and I use scream and the ogres and wolves go down quick, in like 5 seconds!!! Even then I would still encounter problems with taking the gate down on time, maybe it is just a phase but I would still like to see at least those extra 6 seconds added so as to reduce the amount of people who do face this annoying problem.  :stuck_out_tongue:

You can take down every ogre, but only before the wolf howls. In this video you can see swordrain in action … If you get the extra 6 seconds, you will raid higher bases and still fail the same amount by a little bit of time :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not saying remove the time limit!

Of course I could beat a lot more players if indeed the limit was removed, but here I would just like to see those extra 6 seconds added for those who have a path of 29 tiles!

With those extra 6 seconds It’s not like the castle’s getting so much weaker! This improvement will only really benefit the high level players (over 3000 trophies and a min castle gate of Lev 14). It’ll allow us to attack someone maybe 100 trophies higher than usual.

Fabs, very little in this game is logical and most things get frustrating.

I myself have found the game to greatly favour the attacker. I am at level 86 in the game, and has invested a lot in my defence. I am proud of the fact that kings with 10 levels higher than me, struggle to win my base. Lately I have wondered if my “good” defence was worth the effort and time. I think, I have greatly wasted my time, because when attackers are boosted, they seem to just run through. In short I wish the situation was more “unfair”. I wish that less than 10 seconds is added for all of the last 5 levels. This will make the whole game more of a challenge. And I wish I have focused more on offence than defence.   :slightly_frowning_face:


I’ll settle for extended the time a few seconds if they’ll give us one more upgrade that adds 2 tiles!  I thought of something epic I could do with 2 more tiles, and I want to do it so badly!

I really like the less time unfairness. :slight_smile:

I really like an extra level with less time - that will even things up and make it even more unfair!  :slight_smile:

Why? Because attacking kings should use more gems on me if I have a good defence! This whole game is about offence and attacking. It is really lacking in tactics on the defence side.


What do you think of an option that will give you 10 seconds extra to defeat the king??? 

This option will become available the moment you run out of time. Yes it will cost gems and a % of these gems will go to the defending king. If you use this option, it will also reset your other scrolls - so it would be easy to win if you are prepared to use gems.

(I like this option better. I do not think I will use it though. When I use gems during an attack it feels like I am admitting defeat)

Let’s clarify, I’d never use it. 

I never use gems in battle at all!

But I’d like the gems other people use trying to raid me! 


Let’s re clarify, I still would like an extra 6 seconds added!!!

Mind you I do like Maerique’s post about adding 2 extra tiles!

And I also like the gems people use to raid me… even if it is 1 or 2…

Isn’t this solved by using the Timewarp scroll?

OK it costs a few gems but if you are that desperate to beat a base… :grinning: