Increase System Security

Dear Flaregames, it’s very sad and unfortunate that some players lost his/her account because of your account verification system is too easy to manipulate. Too many hours and money we’ve been spending to this game. Now it’s gone because somebody claim it. Please make this account verification system more secure so there is no more any problems like this happened in the future. By Admin Group RR2 Indonesia.

I hope Flares do something about this. This is serious problem that we’re facing right now!!! Greetings to all Indonesian players. Specially to Arthavkei, Yogie Bynewmust, Tono 03, Elvic Rock, and many more. Gokil lo pade guys.

What exactly happens in this process? How can people lose accounts? Account sharing or something?

by posting their base information publicly, someone sees it and sends feedback to flaregames with those information

Yeah right. This is a serious problem. Our royal revolt 2 Indonesian disappointed and sad on account security is not guaranteed and easily stolen. Please fix this quickly.

Where is jona? Is he getting fired or something?

it’s the weekend, people don’t generally work on a weekend.

I know this is weekend… I’m not that stupid… Jona does not reply any post since oct 10. That’s why i’m asking. But looks like you know nothing!!!