Increase the Number of Favorites

I’m requesting Flare increase the number of favorites with all the players I try to keep track of my favorites needs to be about 4 times it’s current size.

I’ve wished this too for some time ago… Wait, did we just agree three times in a row? Something’s wrong here 



Although, this also has been suggested since ages yet never implemented so far… :slightly_frowning_face:

The Friends List was increased to 50 with the Dec 7 server update.  Could we get the same for the Favorites list? :slight_smile:


YES! Got excited when I saw that the friends list got increased to 50, I read a bit fast and thought it was the favorite list… not saying that it wasn’t nice that the friend list got increased (it was!) but the favorite list increase has been on my radar.

with 50 of course its gonna be awesome. at 10 you always bullying the same. Not fun for them. With 50 you have choice to fight different one. Hope we can get this soon

Ya, this should be very easy to implement and it would improve things for both the offensive (more options for choosing who to attack) and defensive (attacks will be distributed across more players) side of things.  

There’s only one in my favorites list - me. (This means I never use the favorites feature :stuck_out_tongue: )


But damn this is an old topic. “Falling on deaf ears” should be officially synonymous to “Flaregames”.