Increase the percentage after being down?

Hello, would anyone know how to tell me if the percentage goes up the other way when it went down? get on? in 0.01? 0.04, 0.10, 0.70, 2.20, 3.00, etc … Or will we go up without adding the percentage to 0.01? does it freeze to a minimum? Thanks friends. :wink:

The only 2 items I know who increase while forging are Chloris Ring and the other one from the vampire set.
But even them go down to 0 after x forges.
Every other forge goes down to limit 0, (but it don’t reach 0, it is always a tiny bit higher.)
You can forge endlessly but it will bring near zero benefits.

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Btw you forged like crazy your arrow tower ! Wow near 150! I juste hope that one day we will have them back in defence.

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Thanks friend for answering. Let’s see if anyone knows if it goes up or stays alone, a fixed rise of 0.01 in 0.01 always. If it does not go up the other way, it was not profitable to bet on this tower. :wink: Let’s see if the developers know and get me out of doubt. :wink:

I would stop at 90 or at 120.