Increased Damage for All Dragons on Defense...

It’s so rare that we see a Dragon on Defense…

So I think they ought to have a much higher Damage so it’s a run for cover / hit the deck moment. 

A real game changer…

As is the Dragon just attacks your King who is usually well ahead of the troops, and the dragon doesn’t really have enough attack to hurt you much.

The reason is I want more moments in the game that are like…  Oh…  Damn…  Help me!!!  Instead of click, click, click win.  Next.

I didn’t even know a dragon was possible on defense.


Just attack one of the top ten :slight_smile: I have and hide behind my tent trying to stay

This is a great example.  This player didn’t even know it was possible it is in fact so unlikely! 

On offense I have to do everything I can to keep my Pyromancers and Frosters alive so I can spawn Dragons.  On Defense there’s no way to protect them.  So it’s much harder for them to occur…

So I think I’ve changed my opinion.  Instead of making defensive Dragons more powerful.  I think defensive Dragons ought to be more likely.  Give the defenders 2X Dragon Power at all times.

because of 2 factor : One I guess you never watch Flothaboss video and Second you are not in tier 5000+ in Ninja Event. Maybe just top player can summon a dragon in defense with froster or pyromancer perk

So they could be seen in the Ninja Event at 5,000+ or a YouTube video?

Again this is a great example of how unlikely they are! 

Flare already balances units differently on offense and defense. 

Defensive Frenzy Frost Blaster are far weaker than offensive. 

It’s time to give Defense something back. 

I want Dragons to attack me! 

Make Dragons more likely on Defense!



Defensive dragons appear on defense from time to time, not too often. On bases it happenes it doesn’t mean at all that a player forged insenly his frosters or pyros, usually the layout of the base matters and wave combination + also what combo attacker uses. It doesn’t happen too often but it happens.

They obviously appear a lot more often in ninja event but let’s not compare ninja bases to our bases, we will never be able to set up such defenses.


Though, I don’t agree with you Maerique on some aspects:

"As is the Dragon just attacks your King who is usually well ahead of the troops, and the dragon doesn’t really have enough attack to hurt you much. "

If your king is way ahead of troops that most likely mean you raid some quite easy opponents comapred to your attack skills. Of course it depends on the combo you are raiding with and many other factors but it’s not like everyone at all levels raids rambo style and that dragons won’t hurt them at all. Dragons do hurt and usually they reach the army and wipe it out. I’ve been seeing defensive dragons on both ninja and normal bases and usually it means trouble.


“The reason is I want more moments in the game that are like…  Oh…  Damn…  Help me!!!  Instead of click, click, click win.”

Again, if raiding at your current trophy level is easy for you to “click, click, click and win” it doesn’t matter  that it happens for everyone at higher levels and  that your raiding skills suit the trophy range you are currently at. I would suggest climbing a bit in the leaderboard, facing some tougher bases and higher ninja tier. You can face defensive dragons there and then you can say if you want to see them stronger or that they are strong enough.



Also note, that even if you raid bases with froster/pyro boost and you expect dragons to pop out it won’t happen at various reasons. Firstly, those alliances you face with such boosts might have too low boost level to suddenly produce defensive dragons. Secondly, as I mentioned above, layout, waves and combo of the attacker matters a lot. Defensive dragons don’t appear too often but they are quite deadly when they appear.


Sorry to say this but you are missing a point in your thread, you say they are so rare to appear (which is true) but you also claim you want them stronger ?! How can you know if they they need to be stronger if you have zero or little experience with them.


Talking about ninja tiers, they for sure appear in tier +4500 (sometimes 3 at once), not sure about lower levels as I’ve never been there.

First off, good response reasonable, etc, etc…  Not your normal internet trolling crap!

Though, i disagree strongly with your last statement.  I said they were rare…  Not that I have 0 experience with them. 

I certainly know what I’m talking about when I mention Dragons spawning…  Particularly cause my normal attack force has no ranged units so I’m giving them the maximum opportunity to generate dragon power and spawn. 

Even at that though, with all the Dragons I’ve had attack me, I’ve never had one kill my king or even come close.  (It’s rarely even noticeable damage). 

Next I’ve never had one wipe out my troops…  (Sure killed a few…)  But last dragon that attacked me, injured my Knights but they were still going strong.  That was a lower level base so there certainly are stronger dragons, but that’s pretty embarrassing even for a low level dragon.

I’ve seen them a lot in my tier. This was 3 months old quote. 

Internet trolling crap, ekhm ekhm.

I didn’t say you have zero experience with them either :wink:

I do agree that dragon itself won’t kill your king just like that … so you want dragons that would demage insanely your king ? Also, when you are lucky to see defensive dragon, it doesn’t mean that yoru king always has always 100% hp  when it faces it and it will be cool with a dragon making a demage 3 times  to your king.  If you think it is always like “click, click, click and win” maybe you should teach us some things.

You want dragons stronger or just appearing them more often on defense ? If flare make them appear more often on defense, I’m sure they will make their power more weak.

Sorry my mistake I don’t noticed that was a old topic :slightly_frowning_face:

I’m fine with having them appear more often without being stronger.

I’m fine with them appearing the same but being a true W.T.F. moment. 

I don’t like how they are now.  Rare and disappointing.  That’s a bad combination.