Increasing daily gameplay per user

instead of a lifetime trophy standing table the game should also have a daily and weekly table of trophies gained
we are pretty much tired of seeing the same top ten names in the trophy list , if we have a daily list of trophies won players would compete on a daily basis to top the list
for teams it would be a easy way to see and select active players .

I did suggest a monthly trophy leader board that gives some rewards many months ago. I agree it would add some ‘spice’ to that particular aspect of the game. Again with the leagues being set it could be structured for players ‘in league’, so no TL players vs ML etc.

I suggested something like this last year but so far flaregames do not seem keen to make changes to trophy system.

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Just needs to be an additional trophy system that resets monthly and provides small rewards at the end of the month, divided in to leagues. Doesn’t need to modify trophies lost or won and in any way.

Good idea, especially since the current trophy system is mismatched

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Something along these lines is already part of our medium-term plan for Olympus Rising. We don’t have any details to share yet, but we would prefer to work towards a more seasonal Trophy system, or an attached feature which uses player Trophy counts to seed players within a competition, taking the focus away from the Trophy Hall of Gods itself.

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Closing to free up votes.