Increasing the range of Paladin

Friends , what happens if i increase the range of paladin. Do they cause more damage to troops, since the damage spreads or it can hit little bit more longer may be FT and LT.

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That is a very good question. I was already wondering why range rune can be applied to all troops.

Firebolts or LT might be hit. If so, knights would be a good candidate too. More damage spread makes less sense, damage rune would then be better.

Handy to know range rune level required if we can hit FB or LT with it.

With Range 1.03 (~3%) Paladin hits Firebolts and Lightings. But I didn’t see them hit those towers in the corners.


are you serious?

Yes, he is serious.


my paladin with 1.03 range taking down FT tower. Though i never like this.


Wow, I thought they would need (an impossible) 1.2 range, like ogre and monk.

Does it make sense to improve the range?

i don’t have the numbers of lvl 4 range. may its 4 to 5%. i got 3.43% So even if next upgrade gives 5% range it will add 1.57% range. so 1.03 + 1.57% = 1.046 range. so i don’t think any increase in rune range will be beneficial.( if my calc. is correct)

I dont know… My palas are working without range… I dont know if the range to attack LT and Firebolt Tower will be good!

my Pala looks so now:

5% will based on original number, in yr cases 1.0 x 1.05 (5%) = 1.05 range.

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I think u get a quick dragon and quick kill. Meanwhile i can leave a low health LT or FT ,move forward so pala can destroy them.
I still have 1 rune slot left , in add i can add attack rate. so can get a quick dragon too. but my pala will take a bit more time to kill units comparing yours.

so there’s a advantage and dis advantage that we can choose.

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But a range rune on a knight won’t be enough to reach LT or FT? (0,80*range rune)

Is there a list of how far away the towers are from the road? :roll_eyes:

Nope, won’t make it with that.

it sounds great to have pala attacking lightnings and firebolts but palas will be stucked at those towers right?

It will be slower than before…

Any video of it ? before I apply the level 3 unit range that I just found yesterday :slight_smile:

will lvl 4 rune of range will make them him LT? THX

My paladin at 1.03 (lvl 3) range attacks LT. At lvl 4 rune the least possible addition is 1 % so it will be 1.04. I don’t see any benefits on this increase. At now the paladins don’t attack corner LT and FT towers.


so should i invest my rune on paladin range or leave it on health? :thinking: