Independent attack/defense mode


Defense mode is handy in some situations, but it’s global. Everybody is attacking or defending at the same time.

To make it more useful, I would like to have the modes independent for each troop. Sometimes, I would like to have everybody in attack mode and let’s say only my Griffins in defense mode.

@Tomaxo are you sure you want that  as having independent defense and attack mode will make games auto play even more dumber :grinning:  and complex.

So would Jason have 8 defense mode buttons covering his entire screen?

sometimes simpler is better. 

That would be really complicated. And the screen is as crowded as it is now.

The only usable solution would be some sort of scripting/config for autoplay … something to be done out of fights.

So you could determine an order of targets priority for each troop maybe. Could be made easy with something just like “troops or towers or barricades” or more complicated by giving a list of 5-6 targets by priority and with a range (as in, first pro: if Nyx is 5.0 < far from gryphon, go on Nyx. second priority: if spearmen are < 4.0 from gryphon, go on spearmen … etc).

Even if after a month we’d all be using similar scripts/config I guess. And a hell lots of devs time would be almost wasted. But it could even work, who knows.

“Hell lots of devs time would be almost wasted.”

In a sense, it is useless. We don’t need it right now. :wink: We would rather have them work on alliance wars. :slight_smile:

Priorities need fixing for sure. Hell, It is hard not to point at the screen, proclaiming “blind crap”, when 7 trebs are standing right in front of nyx tower on the alternate path and attack a spearmen which is 3 times further but on the same path instead. There is enough unique content for a wall of text kind of post regarding the issue, so I am not going to delve deeper here. We all know what I mean though.

I don’t really know what you mean.  Nyx towers need rebalance, because they’re all but useless at high levels. They were dangerous before the multiple nerfs, now they’re just kinda there. 

No way! That would be so ugly.

A simple and elegant design would be to reduce the Morale bar height and put the green (attack) and red (defense) dots between the Unit slots and the Morale bar.

Original screenshot:

Independent attack/defense modes:


@Sharknado @Dheth @Infamous Yes, I know the devs are focusing priorities on Alliance War and probably the Alliance Chat too, thus other suggestions would only be considered after version 4.0.

Still dangerous enouh where I am, so I dont think they need any buffs. Not without priorities, targeting and most of the units being rebalanced too at least.

I agree, the nyx towers are still very dangerous and they are able to block the whole army mainly because the trebuchets are idiots and they ignore the nyx towers

THAT LOOKS GOOD. But how would be switch between a unit’s attack and defence?

The trebuchets are the ones needing a fix. :wink:

yes, I agree, I propose a divine blessing “trebuchet with psychologist” that prevents the trebuchets from attacking the other units when there is nyx

By default the dots are green in attack mode. When you touch or click on the green dot, it becomes red in defense mode. The dots are the toggles.

That’s what I said. They’re probably dangerous if you’re low level and fighting against defenses with maxed out Nyx, which a lot of people rushed to get. Or if you’re just bad at forging or offense in general. But if you’re high level they don’t do much, and it’s been that way since the last nerf. They’re not balanced right. 


But really, new defensive levels in general are overdue. Offense is king again and a good defense is one where you have less than a minute left when you finish. 

This game is not a tower defense so it is right that the attack is superior to the defenses, however in alliances like yours the blessings are more than enough to stop the attacks, this is my opinion. If then someone wants the untouchable bases or wants the attacker to have to use the gems this is another matter

Stop write bullshits infamous u are new in game and u dont know nothing for the past , u are good for give infos but no for suggestions !

That’s your opinion.  It’s not true, but it’s your opinion!