Indestructibles are recruiting

Hi guys !!


We still looking for good players :slight_smile:


What we expect from you :

  • Alliance tower lv 7+ (75k min)
  • At least 2,900 trophies
  • Be active, friendly and donate every day
  • You need to speak english 
  • Loyalty (to go a long way together)

What you can expect from us :

  • Alliance lvl 28
  • Rank 133 (with 3 free slots)
  • Average of daily donation : 100k/member
  • Gold bonus : 32%
  • Taxe bonus : 8%
  • Barricade boost activated 24/7 + Holy paladin and storm cannon for the war :grinning:
  • Alliance forum
  • A friendly team
  • A cosmopolitan alliance (USA, UK, France, Italia, India, Greece,…)
  • Help and support (advice, base checking,…)

If you are interested in joining our alliance, please reply below !

Hey guys my ingame name is tsoligas. I would like to be in your alliance :slight_smile:


  • Level 70
  • Currently 2860 trophies. ( The tough barricades from my previous alliance got me above 2900 trophies at no time, so yours will do the job really quick)
  • Alliacne tower level 7
  • Of course i speak English :stuck_out_tongue:

@alsik I sent you an invite. Welcome with us :slight_smile:

We’ll have a free slot in few hours so if you want to join us… hurry up !!


The Alliance War has begun and we are all very excited :slight_smile:

We have a free slot and we are on track to win the 3 elite boosts :slight_smile:


We are looking for an active player who really cares in Alliance War.

I would like to share my experience with all players who are interested or thinking about joining Indestructibles Alliance.


I have been part of Indestructibles alliance for more then 3.5 months now. The support and guidance I have received from my fellow members has helped me improve my base and game significantly. Ours is a very active alliance where members are willing to help each other.  :slight_smile:


The only thing LotusFlower1 has expected from us is regular daily donations and loyalty towards the Alliance. Also we have an option to inform the Alliance via Alliance forum if we are going to be busy for a day or two and can’t login and that helps (ofcourse we all have life outside RR2 :stuck_out_tongue:


To give an idea about how active our members are - the number of skulls we have won is more then that of other two alliance combined and it is double of the remaining 3 alliances. We had started from the middle of the map and one point we were fighting 5 battles (4 defense and 1 attack). We comprehensively won 3 wars and narrowly lost 1 war (after all no one is perfect  :slight_smile:


If any of this appeals to you and you would like to be a part of friendly alliance and can be loyal to our Alliance then you are Welcome to Indestructibles.


Waiting to meet you soon in Indestructibles Alliance.  :wink:

The first War Season is over and we secured Second Place !!


So if you want to fight with Surprise Mummy and Frenzy Frost Blaster… we are waiting your application :slight_smile:


There has been a lot of changes.

We got rid of people who were not interested in the war and were not involved at all in the alliance’s life.


As a result, we dropped from 96th place to 160th, but never mind. Those that remain are good players and we prefer to get a fresh start from healthy foundations. 

We have 6 free slots and clearly we will be back soon in the top 100, but we are not obsessed with rankings. We prefer to take the time to find players who share our values : mutual aid, solidarity and good spirit.


If you think you are able to contribute to the alliance’s development, and if you are interested by what our alliance can bring to you… you are to the right place :grinning:

Still 2 free slots and we are on the right track to win this war season :slight_smile:


  • Alliance lvl 28
  • Rank 120 (with 2 free slots)
  • Average of daily donation : 100k/member
  • Gold bonus : 33%
  • Taxe bonus : 9%

Still 2 free slots. Hurry up :slight_smile:

Hi lotus…its me baba i dont know where to register on our forum