India (best country) Lvl 69 English

We are a group of very active players,friendly,supportive alliance.

We are a diverse set of people with members from Europe,America,Indonesia,Australia.

Communication Tools - WhatsApp ,Discord

Requirements From Players:

English Speaking.

Be Active in war,conquest and ninja.

(If you are not active in any of these or if you are a jumper,please stay away.We do however expect you to inform beforehand if you will not be active in an event.)

Minimum Criteria

1.Hero lvl : 90

2.Donation : 500k

Permanent Boosts :

Elite Boosts:Wolf,Ogre,Knights,Cannon,Archer,Monk, Spikes

Pro boosts :

Firebolt Tower,Snake Tower,Pro Archer

Conquest Boosts:

Twisted Trickster,Trioxin Tower

War and Conquest boosts : Barricade,Necromancer,lighting tower,Bomb Tower + extending additional war boosts that change every war season.

Beast Status :

Phoebe Lvl 5

Archimedes, Howl,Growl, Bucky - Maxed

Kaiser lvl 9,Tammy lvl 8.

best country for whom? for you?
Is my mom the best for me?
what’s the headline for? :slight_smile:

That’s their alliance name…india (best country)

it’s funny :smiley:
15 ch