Info link on chat messages



since the the last update, if I click on the info button on a chat message (say someone has left or joined the alliance) I am redirected to the alliance page and not the persons profile.  Can you please change it back so I go to the profile? Thanks.

Also, upon people applying to the alliance there is no link to their profile. I have virtually no clue about the applicant but his ign. Please, fix this stuff :grinning:

Same problem here?

The game chat portion of this last update is kind of a wet fart.  Even if all these things weren’t broken, making it WAY worse than before, it’s really wouldn’t be much better, just cosmetically different.


The cursed unique thing is good though.


But seriously, it would kinda blow to go into war with the alliance motto broken like it is.

Same here @CaptainMorgan. We can no longer see the player’s profile who either left the alliance or got kicked out of the alliance. Please fix.

Also this. Same issue again.

How is the alliance motto broken in yours?

It just says Disconnected in white.

I see. Not on our alliance though. 

Motto works fine at us as well.

Tough we needed to spend some alliance gold to activate “divine magnifying glass of Zeus” to be able to read it…

Here’s something else that’s broken @CaptainMorgan, You removed the “I” button next to someone’s name when they apply to your alliance, so you have to go and type their name in manually to even see what level they are. Very difficult if they’re using non-standard characters, and a huge downgrade from the old system. 

Edit: Infamous already caught this 

When I click the “i” on a recruit who rejected alliance invitation or to a member who was kicked, I get sent back to my alliance home page instead of the person’s profile. :slightly_frowning_face: