Info not shown for any field in conquest

When pressing the “i” button on any Field, I get only a grey screen instead of any info about it. Annoying.

Killing the game from memory did not help.

OS: Latest iOS
Device: iPad pro 10,5

Do you mean the button on the bottom of the screen? That is the player info button that displays every player located on the selected tile. If you tap the button on an empty tile, the screen is empty due to no players being on that tile. The tile information is now accessible by tapping the tile banner on top of the screen (eg. forest). That is a small change we made for 4.1.

Ah, okay. I see. Thanks!

but it is a bit confusing, to be honest.

No problem.

If you’re used to the old system, it might be confusing at first, but I think the new one makes accessing the list much more easier, since you don’t have to tap the small info button in the tile info anymore. It was really difficult on small devices (;