Information Guide (in-game)

I’d like to recommend the developers post an in-game information guide. The guide can show the max levels for structures per temple, costs, and stats. Additionally, the informational guide can depict unique odds by titan chest type. It can also show odyssey selections and masteries by slot, and the caps that have been so elusively discussed on the forums. There could be an additional menu option in the community menu for the information guide to be placed. I think this is content that has been lacking. It could also be used to discuss changes implemented and proposed changes to the game. Furthermore, with proposed changes, it could have a voting option for players to vote for changes (like what happened with the recent war fiasco). Maybe this would help the developers connect with players who do not visit the forum often and also give players more concrete answers to frequently asked questions.

That’s a very good idea, I always felt the need for that, and I’m always very much in favor of anything that helps new players, as they’re the ones that will make the game grow. Players is what this game lacks the most


Zhadess problem is OR team is very small and doesn’t have large budget to build ingame guides.
That’s why we have OR wiki and players share information with each other on communication applications or on forum.

I know :disappointed_relieved: they should make a topic asking for ideas to bring more players in and give gems to the owners of the best ideas. Then apply one or two of those

The last time they did that we got War Seasons and everyone’s been fighting about it ever since. Even the guy who won the contest ended up not liking his own idea (which was partly my idea and I still like it very much).

We need to stop using the excuse that the team is too small. They will decide what they can or cannot do.

Well, we have the forums to pitch these ideas to the team. They can take it or leave it, but I think this is the voice of the people playing the game, and hopefully they take these ideas into serious consideration.

Its not an excuse, its a fact. More money - bigger investment, more employees. We get what we give.

Its just obvious, from various elements, that this is the situation.


We already have OR wiki that is being managed by
Volunteer(who are players and not flaregames employee) and not by developers.
This alone shows how much they are understaffed.
Also you should read previous and old threads about ingame guide. This is no new request and has been made in past.

If it bothers you so much, stop posting on my thread.

I don’t go to restaurants and say “the food has taken 2 hours and isn’t good, but it’s because they’re understaffed”. A business is a business, saying that things shouldn’t be improved on the basis of staffing, isn’t really a valid excuse. I’m not here to argue this point either, I pitched an idea and would like the thread to stay on topic. Please stop jumping on my threads to misdirect the intent.

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There are also a million other games out there if you don’t like the service you’re getting here.

Think about how much work it actually would be. Write guides for an extremely deep game, with parameters that change periodically through updates, and have everything translated into all the supported languages. It’s a huge task.

If you really feel passionately about having better guides, you should volunteer to help with the wiki. It needs help.


I’m sorry, is this the “ideas” section of the forum? I swear I posted in the ideas section of the forum… such as things to better the game, and not people making excuses for the dev team. If it is such a burden for the team, I’m sure they will speak for themselves.

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Ok Morty. Enjoy your thread.


Don’t go to those restaurants again.

And I didn’t say it wont be improved. The specific point, is never available on games. Partially things are available and you can find a lot of info here, or even ask the devs. You can’t know the secret rooms, prizes, meta and what every from guides. You have to find them on your own. If some members of the community want to devote their time, fair enough… maybe you should help too, or do some reading on those.

Here you can ask all the questions you want. I find it rare, and brilliant. Then you can make a guide. But beating up the bush, wont get you anywhere, we got much bigger things to improve, and I dont think this is a priority. I will gladly also answer any questions you want, if I can, so I don’t see a real problem here.

I didn’t know your topics, are off limits for “some people”. You may report me if you think I am jumping on!


I tried to update my guide with some things that changed. I can’t. Still waiting to see if I get some kind of fix, or way to do this… so even that needs updates and help.


As you and the others have previously mentioned, the information is already out there. My suggestion was compiling it and putting it in the game menu. If you guys don’t like the idea, don’t vote for it. The developers can speak for themselves, so you and your little TL friends don’t have to speak for them.

It certainly is not a big cost and the wolves are 100 years behind negroes, it is simply out of date

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Some Wilipedia is not up to date, misleading and missing many things, some things you just need to see, can create a special OR channel on YT? There is also a lack of Polish language in the game, which greatly limits and makes a lot of mistakes at the beginning of the game

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I love the idea. We have said some things change and they dont even tell us (unique refining for example), and it would help. But honestly i dont think games do that.

But even so, do you honestly think, this is a priority? You think its so important? Take a visit the bug section, and let me know, how this ranks among 10-20 other things. We are not criticizing your idea, personally I am saying we have solutions… adequately enough. Other things should be focused a d because they are short staffed, I dont want them fixing the small stuff or making these sort of changes, as opposed to making the game better.