Ingame notifications and other things

I have currently problems with my account (again, because on the windows platform your account is not associated with an email account). I have also reached the maximum times flare support is willing to help me transfer my account. So I am stuck in a 28 day cooldown period - and I do not know when it will end before I can play on my new device.

I have taken the time to play other mobile games and I must admit that RR2 has set a new standard that is not easily beaten. After many tries, one mobile game got my attention - it is called Herobots - Build to Battle. The graphics and 3D are in the same league as RR2. The following things I would like to see in RR2 that is in this mobile game:

  1. The game uses push notifications to let you know when upgrades finish - or when you can donate to the alliance. This is super cool - as I only open the game when upgrades completed and when there are resources for battle.

  2. The robots can be enhanced with gears like in RR2 and the gears can be upgraded. What is very cool is that if you get a similar peace in their version of CoF you can merge it with the matching gear to upgrade it also a little bit. This feature is very cool because it makes the CoF a lot more exciting.

  3. There is a daily challenge that changes from day to day. In this challenge you need to fight a boss with unlimited health. You have a limited time to do as much damage as possible - and you also need to survive. The more damage you do, the greater your rewards are. Some days the reward is gold, other days it is gems or gear.

  4. You can also acquire an extra robot that you can hire out for gold. In RR2 there can be an extra character like a general - that you need to uplevel like the king that you can hire out for gold. Before any attack in this game you are asked if you like to hire another “general” to fight for you. If you say yes, you are presented with about 7 choices. The better the “general”, the more gold is needed to hire him. You can also choice not to hire and fight with you original army.

 5) The last thing that is very cool (but will not work in the RR2 world; but should be a good idea for a RR3). When you go into battle you have 3 hero-bots. When the first die, the second takes over and when the second one die the third robot takes over. Think of a RR3 where you can use a king and a queen to attack and you can swap the order of the attack and you can customise the spells and gears to be used per attack. When the king dies, the queen can take over. This allows specialisation into different directions.