injustice!support windows!

i’m using windows laptop, started playing royal revolt from past 2 months. i wondered after listening to my friend that he is getting free gems by filling or downloading apps etc., :angry:


I think this is rather a store issue. Apple and Google Play have a lot of available apps you can purchase, thus they make huge sales and advertise a lot, whereas windows…

yes , i know but they have to think about players also .they are giving updates for both android & windows but they can create a special update so that windows players benifit for example— in wars we usually win chests–for windows payers they can give diamonds in chests of higher values like-20to30 for common;50-70 for rare;100-150–legendary &chance for getting gems in chests.

This shit again blerghhh --’

Where is Edward when you need him ? :stuck_out_tongue:

The free food and gems comes from outside companies like tapjoy and fyber. They only support iOS and android.

Windows mobile is almost dead and gaming apps under Windows is a tiny fraction of RR2’s player base.

Flare would be crazy to waste more resources trying to support a dying platform or one that is barely used.

This is not our fault, this is not Flares’ fault, but it’s still unfair. They can ride more and even get some free gems, it’s really unfair how only a part of the players can benefit for it. In some way, I do think that Flares should do something to compensate how we get no free benefits like those…

Just buy a cheap android tablet if it’s that important to you. Window users are going to keep running into the same issue with every other mobile game.

I don’t see the point of telling others to buy another device, some like me have no money at all for buying new devices, and by the way that won’t fix the issue, some players will still be discriminated…

Android, IOS users and players with too much money to waste need not troll the thread where windows users post their genuine grievances. Go use that free food u get and win some leagues instead of wasting time here. I bet you don’t win any.  

Hey guys.


Instead of small separate threads, please join your loudest voice on the following thread:

And keep pumping it with new posts, to make this shameful issue always at the top.


If we all will unite, Flaregames will stop windows players open discrimination.





If you think complaining without addressing the major reason why Windows doesn’t get the same level of support as iOS/Android (barely anyone uses it for mobile) then you are just delusional.

Android tablets are dirt cheap. If you can’t flip burgers or mow lawns for a day to buy a $50 Amazon Fire or other cheap tablet then you have bigger problems then playing a mobile app for entertainment.


As I said, go use your free food and play the game instead of wasting time here.

Windows store is the most expensive store available on market, since it has less users , mobile companies usually focus on android and iOS more, but I don’t want this to be here

Completely correct , I sometimes loose to level 50 players :slightly_frowning_face:

Go and watch videos, you don’t need to post here

Better unite here now, that post has got old, enough for flare to ignore

There is no need to buy an Android phone, if you are using Windows on PC or Laptop.

Just use the Emulator from and get all the gems you need. Maybe wait

for an event, that doubles up the gems (once per month?).


If you want to raid on the emulator, make sure to setup the key emulation to your liking.


This doesn’t solve the problem itself, though …


If I try to use bluestacks, it somehow stucks my keyboard so not so great ^^

Also, it still makes it more complicated for quite some players who just want to play the game easily…