Insane Hacker

First I want to thank Flaire for being on top of things. They stop a crazy hacker from really taking my base out by protecting it.

I had a hacker use -every- troup and spell avalible on my base. I would have liked to keep some of the gems. 8D

Sorry I couldn’t get the photo enlarged. It is quite a sight.

Something I should add- I by no means believe the alliance team that was used in this hacking was responsible in any way. It was done by a no name assailant.

Apparently, Flaregames says it is “an entirely visual glitch”.

Really, that interesting and weird too. Where did you find that out? Or have you seen this happen too?

I have seen this many times by now… it’s a bug, where probably some wrong data/rubbish is read for displaying the attack history.

Obviously you have not lost billions of gold or gems, so this display can’t even tell the truth. Also, obviously one can hardly scroll millions of times - not even if you scroll in every frame… also the displayed time is wrong, the attacker has no proper/existing name, used elite boosted spells and frosters and mummies and gargoyles… none of which even exist.

More arguments for a display bug. Last but not least, I bet the games crashes or disconnects if you try to click the i icon to view the player.

See bug report forum for similar topics :wink:

Just a bug.

The attack-history appearing directly after login seems to have a limit of 20 attacks. The bad thing about that is it doesn’t seem to know about this limitation! :wink:

From the 21st attack on it only displays rubbish. Looks like the game only receives the data for the last 20 attacks from the server, but tries to show more - and by that probably reads some data that happens to be in the memory there. Seen that a lot already.

I saw it on their Facebook page as a reply to someone asking the same thing.


This is correct. It is a purely visual error that will be addressed with one of the next updates.