Insanely Gem Sales Packages, UNFAIR

Hi Flare,


Why so UNFAIR? 

I asked some players about the Gem Sales Packages.

and Here is what I found out, some players can get:

  1. $49.00 for 20,000 gems plus 299%, the players will get a total of 79,800 gems

  2. $49.00 for 20,000 gems plus 344%, the players will get a total of 88,000 gems

and this is my offer: 

  1. $99.00 for 20,000 gems plus 139%, the players will get a total of   47,800 gems


Why your offer is not the same for everybody?

a player who pays more, will get less gems.

a player who pays less, will get more gems


Flare your such a master of Unfairness, imbalance and Inequality.


Please Flare be fair!


Huh. Yea I got the least of those offers. Not worth it. Mighta bought something If I got one of the better ones. DIdnt know they even offered sales that good…


How do they calculate offers like that? Flare might actually make some money off me if they gave me a good offer lol

Not entirely true bout the person who paid more get less offer since Queen Helene got offer of 9k gems for $5 yesterday and shes one of the player with high investment in game (in Todesritter at least)

 Fii, what I’m saying about “paid more get less” is about the sales gems offer…

Look at the huge difference.  $99 for 20k pack. plus 134%, 

and the other offer  is $49 for 20k plus 344%…gems

isn’t unfair for everybody?

Hmm I also notice that , I got a stupid offer yesterday , 24k for $124 -.- what kind of discount is that , basiccally paying full price inclluding for the 4k extra

The 24k thing seems to be a universal thing that a lot of players got. I never get gem sales on my main account but I got the 24k one for $120bucks


how many gems did you have when the offer pop out ?

for me i had about 8500 gems when i got the 139% offer !!


Hi Massive,

I had less than 500 gems when I the offer pop out.

So, does having less gems give you a better chance to get a sale, or increase the type of sale you get? And does buying gems previously effect this as well? (same question posted in the other topic)

Yesterday flare gave me workers package cost 4000 gems i bought gems for that package after buying that package with in few seconds flare gave me that crazy gems discount offer paying only 45$ for 87000 gems lol ofcourse i bought some of those package … Moral flare wins lol and one more thing when that package appeared i had only 5 gems at that time but thanks alot flare :grinning:

so i think having more or less gems doesn’t effect the offers, its depend on other things maybe its as you said “a player who pays more, will get less gems”

Than when you get more you will the chance to get any package. You have to pay all with full price!

Ok, just saw this:

Sn1kt, I got the same package as well, 87000 gems for 45usd, but I am free player and had over 3000 gems at the time of offer.

Still missing something here.

I’ve gotten the “50% off/299% more” sale before; but it wasn’t “buy 20k at 50% off and then get 60k more” as suggested above.

The “299% more” was simply the cumulative discount of the “regular” sake and the “special” sale saying you’re getting is paying $0.25 on the dollar, or in effect you’re getting $75% the non-sale price.

Reviewed the figures: there’s something wrong here.

Refer to the “regular” gem shop figures in the screenshot below.

  1. Based on the smallest offer - 500 gems for $4.99 - we learn the undiscounted price per gem is $0.01, or $1.00 per 100 gems.

Everything else flows from that rate.

  1. Given that, compare the typical 20k gem offer below: 20,000 gems for $99.99. Note that it says “99% more”. But - that’s not because the purchaser gets "99% more gems when they buy. They are not awarded 40,000 gems! “99% more” means you are buying gems at a rate of $0.005 per gem, or $0.50 per 100 gems instead of 100 gems = $1.00. 20,000 gems at the base price in #1 above would cost $200.00. But in this case, you get $199.98 of gems for $99.99 - that’s “99% more” or “50% off” (which mean the same thing).

Now, extend this to the offers Avery posted above (I’ve included a screenshot of one to illustrate below) .

For example:

  1. An offer of 20,000 gems for $49.99 is advertised with “299% more”. $50.00 of gems at the base/undiscounted rate (100 gems = $1.00), would buy 5000 gems. But in this case, you can spend $50.00 and get 5000 + “299% more” - that is 5000*3.00, or 15000 - for a total of 400% of 5000, or 20,000 gems. Put the other way, this is 75% off sale, where the rate is reduced to 100 gems = $0.25.

I know that’s how this particular sale works because I used it 6 days ago. Presumably, that’s how the smaller and larger “xx% more” sales listed by Avery work. I got 20,000 gems for $49.99, not “20,000 gems + “299% More”/60,000 gems” or 80,000 gems. Believe me, I would know.

I’m almost (99.9%) completely certain that’s how these other sales are set up. I think the “329% more” sale (rate: 444 gems = $1) Mani mentioned above was for 20,000 gems for $45.00. No additional gems came with it. A great sale indeed, but not vaguely close to the “1933 gems = $1” rate he insists is the deal he got.

If I’m wrong I’ll gladly eat my words and hope for a sale like that, but I think the suggestion these sales are offering such huge sums are “confused” and may indicate they weren’t purchased, at all.

Now: please prove me wrong so I can ask Flare for 60,000 more gems. :grinning:

Dunno about this but the 329% more screen shot that Avery posted above is mine

You got the offer; but did you actually buy “some of those package” and get 87000 gems for each of them, as you said above?

We’re trying to figure out if these offers really give that many gems, or if it’s a misunderstanding of what the sale screen says…

If anyone remembers…the offers only a few days ago used to read xx% more free.


it ment how much more you got in relation to the smallest package.


NOW the word FREE has been removed and just says xx% more


more than what? lolz just click it it says MORE lolz