Inssues/ 100 gems

Is that flaregames  apologizes 100 gems. 

We lost pro league,  because the  server is falling  down all the time … 

Losing Fights on war because the  server falling all the time down … . 

100 gems as apologizes  , this is really to laught about … 


 respect anymore … 


100 gems

3 war boosts for every alliance

1 holiday chest

10 extra minutes in pro


seems enough

Think it is enough.  It would be much better flare would do something with the info and tips they got today concerning the pro league.  We need that more than compensations afterwards.  But the content of the chest was nice.

Correction, the remaining question is about war boosts. It seems everyone gets them for 10 days. So in other words, the ones prolonging war and seasonal boosts or champ/shield literally wasted gold.

We won every war, disconnections or not with a difference of 100k skulls, for the record. Two teams are already eliminated and another team is about to be eliminated. Why even reward them? Also, some players opened chests with gems after a failure. Why that’s not compensated? Of course because it’s not possible?

If it doesn’t matter this war seaon, why you don’t cancel the season? I think I know the reason, risky since maybe no rewards are given by the system.


Right this is the point like my friend says …

about war:

We all spended gems opening the war chests , we spended gems to fight and now everyone became war boost … after fight hard to be 1st … 

  • Shoud 100 gems make it good? I dont mind . 

  • The 1 Holliday  chest  this is bu…hit*  500 pals food and 500 pearls, is that  serious ???

The 10 min on pro league i mean is acceptable   but with that connection  problems everyone lose all instantly troops and for the hight levels they are important. And there is the problem . 

It’s a smart move by FG, 10 days for calming down and reflect on the next war.

Need no compensation, but respect FG :grinning:  

The goal of war is to get 3 war boosts. You will get it, so have no idea why you and your alliance mates are not happy now.

for example, for me doesnt matter who will get 1 place with us. Not my deal

If everyone has the boosts, it is worth nothing, expect again to learn to fight with/against arblasters ^^

When you fought first war seasons you know what it means to gt a ar boost or not. Those days the mummy or frenzy was the difference between being punished or not. A hero level 70 could beat a hero level 100 who didn’t have those boosts. Now the difference is not that huge, but war losers now also get rewarded and that’s incorrect.

Sure, for the ones who beat any base with wom/wok it’s no problem, but for the ones having difficulties with bases holding surprise mummy or frenzies it definitly is an issue. Honestly I don’t mind, I beat those bases anyway, but others have a hard time.

All bases are crap now. No matter with mummy( joke? Weak defence) or with arbs

Yes, for you all bases are easy, we know that.

But for lower level heros that haven’t everything maxed it’s a different story. Now are these bases easy for such a player? I seriously doubt it, especially when you have all monsters maxed in your defense.  

Back at those early war season days there was a bug that when too many arrows where shot at the same moment by frenzies, that instant spells didn’t do anything and literally misfired. It was a nightmare back then, since your ogres and other troops were killed by them. Spells like bladestorm and other lasting spells were useless against them.