Insta Meltdown Items

Flare… REALLY!!!

I hate see you giving pearls that easy with ninja events and blacksmith event because pearls is the best resource atm. It should be hard to get. I invest time to melt object and get my items and buildings perked and it is not fair players get then sooo easy and get the same results. But its a game im not complaining about that (events)


THIS IS INACCEPTABLE… Today you (Flare) just boosted a few players years ahead in the game… in just an hour… all of them players willing to spend real money btw…

You should be more carefull with this stuff. You made this game very unfair and took a lot of fun out of it.

I hardly find a solution to this mess because is only your (Flare) fault.

Well I got 61k pearls, all will be gone tomorrow I’m sure.Thats like a month of advantage, not years.

Congratz man!!!

And this is one example Flare… this is your creatura.

Hey you can still beat my base scroll free like you usually do, dont worry.You’re a good player.

The duration is a joke. I can melt only one item because the duration is so short. Disappointed.  :slightly_frowning_face:


id bewilling to bet every player that enjoyed that bug has been hurt by a different flare bug…lol those bugs never get fived so quickly

I have add that this bug plus the reduce cooldown time for perking that everyone willing to spend real money is going to speed up will make them insta max perk a lot of stuff

[Joke mode :lol:]

The developer that introduced this bug probably was welcomed at directors office and got a huge salary raise. He did where everyone else failed, making sure a lot cash was assured.

[/Joke mode :lol:]

To be serious, mistakes can be made, but this is really proof that events aren’t properly tested. Did I understand it correct that for players with 7+ blacksmith slots items were instantly converted into pearls, with zero seconds (nada) meltdown time?

That there is a gap between paying customers and free players is fine with me, but now you have managed to increase the gap with more than a year just within a time period of 90 minutes. That is not the main problem, I and many players already accepted that I never will be able to catch up with paying players.

For (paying) players who were not able to abuse this bug, this is no joke, this is one of the worst mistakes that could have happened. Pearls are indeed one of the most valuable resources in the game.

How can this be ever be fixed? I guess there is no possible way to do so. Even not by giving all other players an hour or something a similar action, melting items for free for 3 times the amount of pearls. This is no option for flare, since it would be very costly. Ignoring this is also no option.

Main question that remains is, what are you going to do about it? Hopefully the answer is not that it will be ignored.

But to be honest, this bug probably took five minute to figure out and fix. They probably did something like put 300% less melting time instead of 30%.

Instead of 300%, they probably divided meltdown time by 300. and that results in 0 as result. If this is the case, it means they didn’t test at all.

It was working for around 90 minutes.

Between 5 and 90 minutes then.

Great job flare, way to give those who were awake at the time of the event a clear advantage and then remove it for everyone else.

Another awesome job at QA too.

So many recent blunders, it’s nice to know that since I live on the east coast of the US, I don’t get a shot at this bug and get a fraction of the pearls too.

And 12h CD, who the hell thought that up.  Can you find any more ways to piss on your paying customers who waited 7d+ for CD or paid to speed that, now it’s just 227.  Banning people for tapjoy, banning ACCOUNTS based on IP address alone.  I’ve never been more disgusted with your company than right now.  

I’m done being a paying customer.  The general sentiment applies to a lot of others I have spoken with you.  Don’t be surprised if your gem purchases dry up very soon.

People are mad at Flare for not fixing bugs. People are mad at Flare for fixing bugs. I can’t wait to see what is next !

It’s an unfair advantage given to a select few because they didn’t QA their stuff, again.  

Clearly you dont get the point… they should work in not having bugs.

From now, I wont buy gems neither. This game has too many flaws and Flares do nothing to fix it. (Defense is unbalanced)


Those are called forum bugs, also not being fixed or addressed.

My little player had some great bugs lately :slight_smile:

Instant melted items and a lot of pearl today. And after first ninja event he had all prizes x2 and that was ok because he won the event in his tier. Keep up the great bugs :wink:

Lmao, its funny but true, people like Heldeep complains every time :slight_smile: