Insta-Power Archer too overpowered?

Hey, in the beginning of our war season we activated power archer boost (level 3). Now my level 10 archer is cruising past players far stronger than me. They do die instantly bt then again you can spawn horde of blunt archers immediately. I am getting 3 stars against +10 levels players easily. Do you guys think its overpowered?

Any low cost unit with the instant boost will be too strong. Currently, only the mummy have this power at a natural state and it works just fine. Insta-Archer are way more powerfull than insta-gargoyle since the unit stays with you. You can shield and heal them, making them a gigantic almost unbeatable archer army. It also cancel the castle gate boost as you can summon archers right after the bombs destroyed your army.

It’s perfectly powered. NEVER believe this game is overpowered on offense. Scream Boost, Paladin, and Froster all got nerfed BADLY the last time people complained. Then the game became horrendous and frustrating. Just be happy with what you have. Enjoy the reprieve from tough, usually overpowered defenses.

For me they’re just fine, actually I don’t think Insta-Archers are helping me to raid easier…

I was talking

I was talking about insta archer with elite boost. The added blunt damage is create havoc. The best thing is it perfectly counters the doom gate. as long as its helping me I don’t want to care if its op although its only for a day.

We had many season with very powerful defense boosts let people have a more relaxing season for once in a month 

It’s nice for the offense to be boosted for once, we’ve had 10+ seasons of great defensive boosts and horrible offence.

My alli dont have power archer :slightly_frowning_face:


I dunno, my archers die easily! One ogre stun nd more than half health gone! Nd frosters make them cry. Oh I don’t hv swordrain yet! People with SR can remove ogres nd frosters easily nd continue with Archers. I am still proceeding with Knights! ?             Though if they give insta Knights, I ll be very happy! All bases scroll free!!





They are insanely powerful with the power archers elite boosts. They are only available until the end of the war season though so don’t get use to having them forever

It will create havoc if it can be prolonged,mid lvl player are powerful since the morale point for it is low compare to mummy.many surprise for this war season if the boost is prolonged till end of war

some alliances will prolong them no doubt


We have Power Archers in my alliance, yet I don’t think they’re too good, for me it’s raiding the same as with normal Power Archers…

Insta-archer + Power-archer is BY FAR the strongest boost ever, IMHO.

I can easily beat players much stronger than me. Basically I can beat almost everyone that the game throws at me. I just look at gold/medals now, and just attack.


Anyone claiming otherwise is just scared that Flare will not nerf it, so they say “oh, it’s nothing special” :wink:

Correct me if I am wrong but these war boosts can only be prolonged until the war season not forever I thought

The lions den have dragofrosters right now, which they can’t have from last season :grinning:

unfortunately Flare has not limited war boosts from being extended indefinitely.

I think they are pretty good. for me this is the best war boost. Equi p  them with the leadership gear and use sheild and blizzard and heal spells and you can rock