Insta-troop button spawn bug

This bug is happening on Windows 10 PC. It doesn’t occur on every raid, but probably at least once every four raids.


It occurs when I am holding the left mouse button down to guide my hero around and if my mouse cursor goes over the insta-troop spawn button it will think that I clicked on the button. The result of that is the insta-troop is used, sometimes I accidentally use 6 of them on one raid just because of this bug.


This didn’t used to be a problem until about 3-4 days ago, so I’m not sure what was changed within the last week.


Another strange thing is this problem doesn’t happen the mouse cursor goes over the spells/troops buttons, so it’s something specific to the insta-troops button for some reason. So maybe if the insta-troop button could have the same characteristics as the troop/spell buttons the bug could be fixed.

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@Archimedes How many topic we should create before this bug come fixed? What info you need to able RR2 team to fix this? Very annoying for PC user. if you need more info just ask.


This bug is so annoying. #FlareBug

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Update on this: The Devs found the source of the problem and a fix should come soon! 

Thank you for reporting this. 

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now see how long it will take to solve the problem


Are there news about version 4?