Insta Troops 2 (Monarchs not Men)

In RR2 you storm another kings castle, you stand alone, 3 spells & 3 units & 1 Insta-Troops option.

Insta-Troops are donated by friends & Alliance members, they are on a timer and have a cool down.

When you activate an Insta-Troops unit for example ‘cannons’ you will see over each cannon (Sinister Eggplant)

or whatever the name of the player who donated them to you is called. 

*this is as close to playing with someone in Royal Revolt 2 that you get*

However what “IF” instead of units, you got your friend or Alliance members King?


Insta-Troops version 2.0

a player asks for a friend or Allies aid, and the Insta-Troop donation sends you a version of what your friend/Ally king looks like.

this king would fight along side your king; just like a pet PAL would and would have a power bar, just like a PAL has; and when the bar was at full strength,

this king PAL would unleash one of his/her spells.

This Insta-Troops option would have a 24 hour cool down, so a King/Queen would have to choose wisely when they needed this friend and ally the most.


Anyhow an idea for RR3 :slight_smile:



Rad idea. Unimplementable (mostly due to being gamebreaking :stuck_out_tongue: ), but rad nonetheless. I’d be down with something like that.

REALLY COOL IDEA!!! …I hope FG implements it (they ll figure out the balancing later)

As rad as this idea is, this is not feasible atm  :slight_smile: