Insta-troops: How to ruin a defense

Well i figured out that insta-troops is cool. Might be cool. But there’s a problem. In this way there’s no balance but the opposite. There’s no balance because the offense is too overpowered and the defense (Even boosted) is not the same. I think in each update Flare oversteps the limits. I’m sorry but i’m very sceptical about your abilities of making an update. It’s very clear that now everything is easier. Does it allow to low level players to raid strong bases? Wow that’s cool! Do you know Flare we spend a lot of gold to upgrade our own defenses? You know that? We build defenses thinking about the potential attacker and following our own strategies. We waste time cause of it. Why ruin the defense like that? That’s mean my defense doesn’t make any sense now? I don’t care if my offense is overpowered. I don’t care if i might attack strong bases. I prefer to raid with my own skills rather than an “help”. Do you know what the balance is? Do you think is there any balance now? Honestly i don’t know if you are able to do your job properly. Seem you release updates just for the sake of it. I don’t waste my time upgrading defense whether that’s the case. I’m fed up with your ideas. They might be cool but there’s no logic and reasoning behind them. 

Maybe i’m exaggerating saying every defense is weak. Hope you get what i’m saying. Obviously that’s depends on the skills of the attacker by using insta-troops. But that is the concept.

I don’t think they’re too OP, you only get a few troops, a hard base will still kill them fairly quickly, or you won’t get enough donations to always use them.  The game is much more fun when attacking can be done with multiple options and strategies.

There should definitely be more of a reward when successfully beating an attacker other than gold not lost, even the scroll payout is tiny if the opponent even uses them.


  • 12 warp mummys is cool :slight_smile:

I absolutely agree with you Magician. No counterbalance for this insta troops. The game seems to be on Hyper Mode. Carry as much offense and spells as you can. What is next? Tower donation? 20 perks on every item?  :angry:  

I do not agree with you @neilr81. They are more than overpowered. A king alone is not able to destroy the castle gate. Ogres and mummies slow down the offense. But now I can run to the castle gate leaving my troops behind, destroy towers on my way using sonic blast, spawn insta cannons/ogres at the castle gate and done. Can it be more easier? Our defenses are 10 levels down now.  :angry:

Can we not complain about it yet ? Raiding seems easy now, I agree but take into account current mummy boost which is super good and makes raiding way easier. Just let war boosts drop. Though, I may agree that it helps a lot, and I’m sure Flare will balance it soon by adding more cd to it or some limits.

just do like me don’t use it and that solve the problem :grinning:

Maybe are not TOO but are overpowered. I mean,that’s right,it can be a new strategy to make a raid,but where is the concept of the defense right now? It doesn’t exist. Even if we can get only a certain number of troops,the offense is way stronger than before. 

We build a defense in this game. We spend time (Days,weeks,months,years) and our gold to upgrade towers,obstacles just only to make our defense better. And now? The insta-troops who is killing what we’ve built?

Sadly i don’t have mummy boost. But i’m experiencing this problem even if i don’t have it. Try to raid even when it expires. I’m sure you will agree. 

I add saying we don’t get troops just only by members of the alliance but even by our friends list. I give you an easy example of this foolishness:

I have koonin. mylan in my friend list. My raids will be way better than before. No reason to explain why. I guess you know it.



I may agree, yes. Unfortunately, I think it will be hard to balance for all levels.

Not sure what defines all troop slots, despite AT lvl and connecting to fb but for example:

Players in middle/low trophy range can still be players whose level/items/spells/troops are in theory too high for that trophy range and players who have access to many/all troop slots. It is also not a problem to have friends with strong/max troops who will be willing to donate them. So in this case, yes, I agree that such players will have a huge advantage.


However, from my perspective it looks a little bit different. Note that I do raid with mummy which I think is OP and makes my raiding way easier. I can beat top 10 bases thanks to that mummy, without even using insta troops, however if a raid goes wrong I do use it - so I said mentioned in previous comment, I cannot yet tell if those insta troop makes my raiding easier or just a mummy.

Though, on the point where I am now I find those insta troop quite essential. I’m a player who likes to raid top 10 bases, not only top 10 but basically all top, strong bases out there, before previous update with many forges I could challenge myself trying to beat those bases, I could win using my skills, I could lose but after 10 tries I could beat certain bases - also it was a challenge with constantly changing war boosts. After the update, some top 10 payer forged their bases extremely and now the skills I have are in 99% cases not enough to beat such bases, I can try 100 times but still will die not reaching 10% of a base. Again, I may do better or worse depending on war boosts but still cannot do much against forged defenses. So in my case I do like those insta troops which I think is the only way to beat those bases (the only way inspite of scrolling).


However, it also depends what attitude players have for those insta troops. Personally I prefer not to use them and raid as I would always raid but sometimes when a raid goes really wrong I use them. If I win a base using one or two insta troops, actually I feel bad about it as I would prefer to win without using them (I hate scrolling and those insta troop are to me a kind of free scroll, a scroll that opponent won’t seethat I used it but I know I used it and hate the feeling of it). Though, from observation in my alliance for example, I can see always the same players asking for troops and they do it quite often- as, in my opinion, they rely only on them, use them without thinking, without trying to challenge themselves, without trying to improve their raiding skills so yeah, I can see your point.


This will be a very complex issue and for sure will need some balance. They can be useful at certain trophy range and OP in another, some player will use it as a backup plan in really hard situation, some player will “abuse” it and use every raid, from the start of the raid to the end of the raid.


Personally I was suprised by only 2 hr cooldown and I thought it would increase in time, trying to prevent players for using it too much, too often.

Well said. But as you can see this game is not based on skills anymore. Personally my AT is lvl 12. But think about those players which have it at low level. This means that this free feature hides in reality the choice of spending gems to get more troops (=upgrading the AT). So what are we talking about? Behind each Flare’s idea always exist greediness. So not only it ruins a defense but even those player who have low AT lvl. It’s clearly a stretch to upgrade the AT (=buy gems). Do you think is it fair? 

Meh this game took a lot of skills, skilled player use both less or no scrolls/insta troops

Things never worl out at lower levels, cuz usually offence already better than defence down there but higher up is different story, insta troops is super nice addition to the game

And you dont go spawn it each time cooldown is over, only use when in need.Idk what you complaining about, I rather use insta troops than scrolls.

This game stoped being fair a long time ago. When they introduced elite boosts it became about alliances, the higher the better. With war boosts, it became about strong alliances, to win the boosts and win fiefs to grow them stronger. After that it became all about perks for gear, which could give you the opportunity  to win wars with skullperk, or make raiding slightly easier by letting you insta-kill a wolf for example. Until here, RR2 wasn’t fair, but at least sort of fair. Then unitperks, spellperks and defensive perks came, making this game soley about getting pearls to get a tougher defense and make raiding way easier. Instatroops are no different.

In a future update we just need to hope that the defence doesn’t become too strong than the offence otherwise they push us to get insta-troops always and spend in crazier way 25 gems to empty those 5 slots every time otherwise with only 3 troops you can’t win…

I hope you see my point ^^

That’s what I was implying, game is more fun with strong offence :slight_smile:

This is an offense and defense tower game, but the game has not received many defense boosts except for:

  1. Lightning Towers

  2. Tower Boosts

Rest all:

  1. Monks : Offense and Defense (more used in Offense)

  2. Black magic spell : Offense

  3. Insta-troops : Offense

  4. Unit Boosts : Offense and Defense 

  5. Perks on items: Offense

Can anyone come up with a good defensive update recently?


They also allow tower perking and added a 9th wave.  The tower perking is probably a bit too expensive due to the #towers and traps vs. spells and troops, if they were half the cost they would probably be more viable (I usually perk troops and spells first, then remainder might go on the LT or Snake towers).

I think the best defensive update would be more information about attackers, how far they get, where they die, a bonus if you defend well (rather than losing less), where scrolls or insta-troops got used.

If you want a better defense, max your towers, waves and units, and start perking them.



only way to re balance this mess is to add 2 path tiles  :grinning: