insta troops informations


I noticed that we have no information page about the received insta unit. In the Insta Troops menu we only see the level of the donated unit.

A button that invokes the info page would be very nice in the Insta troops menu, because the insta strength depends on the donated unit and my perks.

On the picture of the Insta unit is on the top of the right side of the X to remove, in the top left of the image could then be an ( i ) or

if you click on the image information appears, as in the normal units menu.

Background: When I receive troops from alliance members, for example a monk, then it matters how much he heals and how high his HP is.

Hello, would be great if the others could give feedback if they would find this useful as well :slight_smile:

Isn’t it so that your own forges count? And they level of donated troop.

A.k.a all troops are maxed in my alliance. And I know my forges so… 

No use for me in this one.

when all on the same level then you are right but donated insta can be lower level … and then its a mix of your forges and the level of the insta.

for me ingame this is not clear, i discussed the units before with kamakshyaP 


I thought it was always the stats of the RECEIVED troops and you own forges are not considered. Can the Devs explain this?

At some point in time, someone told me that what counts is:

  • The level of the unit of the donator
  • The forges of the raider (our own, the receiver)

After knowing that, I think it’s easy to understand.

I do aggree that having an info button, to show the units stats with this mix of level and forges…

Would be good though, to understand the impacts of someone donating you a maxed unit or not :slight_smile:

i don’t know why Flare think its useless?

Why we should think its useful? because for the obvious reason :

1.If member X of my alliance give me Monk Level 3 but the stats are really low. Maybe I will ask on the chat. Someone who give me higher troops with better stats

2.Because no one wants insta troops who are weak

3.Because is gonna be really useful and this feature should have been in the game since the insta are there.

its the main reason why nothing was added in the game since over a year? Ok that answer a lots of question.  its clear. Thanks for the precision. I’m looking for the answer since over year. Now its obvious. Thanks


Madlen did ask for our feedback, to understand how we feel about this feature… She didn’t say they think it’s useless…

Sometimes I don’t get why you have to bring these negative speaches over and over again.

We’re still debating the usefulness of this after all…

because its obvious? if someone ask if they find something useful? its because at main base they find it useless? Its main base of the logic. So there is no negative speach again. Its just a obvious deduction nothing more. Everyone can think the same.

If I ask someone by example if the Skull Tower is useful? its because i find it useless. Simple like this

Here its the same if they ask if we find it useful its because they think its useless? i don’t see other reason to ask us feedback about it without that. Just a question of logic

No, it’s not obvious at all.

If someone asks if something is “useful”, it’s because they probably didn’t even give a thought about it.

Maybe because they were focused on more important features, thus never gave it a thought?

They do have a roadmap of features to look at you know?

Sometimes the community just looks at stuff they never thought about.

It can be just that simple, please don’t complicate :grinning:

irony. its him who say don’t complicate when he said its not obvious at all. If you said so. Nevermind

Don’t get me wrong. in any case I will never write negative stuffs for fun. Just I write what I interpret when I read it or what I think about something

For me when I read this I interpret in the way they find it useless and seem to be insecure in what they doing. its why is the reason they need feedback for everything, However I can understand we bash everything they do since over years. So in a way. its understandable. If ask feedback for everything allow them to go in the right direction. Why not. If they demand it to be sure its something we will like. Why not

Just I find it strange the formulation of the sentence : if they would find this useful as well

Really I means who can be against this? who really will oppose of this idea. This has been proposed at many reprise in the past. So no reason to be insecure here. Do it that’s it.

Sorry I just find it strange they always ask for feedback for all. they are the developer they should know what to do. Honestly. I have never see a developer who don’t know what to do and we are always forced to realign them. Its my opinion. Everyone here have yours

They can create one topic about what we want in future, I don’t find it necessary to demand feedback for each stuffs. That give the impression they don’t know what to do. Honestly after 5 years. its not the suggestion that miss here over 5 years

Just I don’t like feel like a beta tester and do all the job in their place. I understand they do that for online game but feel like a beta tester. What goin wrong in each stuffs,etc… sorry I find it annoying to be honest. They have tester,they are the developer. they should know what to do

You’d actually be surprised at the amount of times a developer thinks a feature is useful and the client just doesn’t give a damn about it.

So, they ask for feedback.

I prefer it this way, then the death silence we had a few months ago here on the forums.

No feedback, no communication, nothing. Just silent fixes with rare announcements.

Btw, don’t forget Madlen doesn’t know each and every suggestion we made in the past. She’s new here after all.

Just my 2 cents, but now I understand someone could also understand it that way.

It’s just different points of view, I’m cool with it. 


Moving back to the topic:

If you don’t create a new menu to show the donated insta troops stats, I think we should at least have a confirmed official label in-game saying the following:

“Donated troops have the level from the donator’s troops, but will use the raider current forges”

If our theory is right that is :slight_smile:

If they can do more like Olympus Rising I would appreciate more. CaptainMorgan tell us on what they worked and give us sneak peek and screenshot. After everyone give their feedback, its the way to do during they work they can modify it

Work on something, give us screenshot and we will tell you if we like it or not. that a feedback. For me

Hey Warriornator,

I never said it is useless.

Why did I ask the question:

  1. to start the discussion, because the idea didn’t have comments yet when I wrote my comment

  2. to give the post some attention and love, and to engage the community

  3. to see if people have a high need for this feature. What I mean by that: We have a backlog of features that grows longer by the day. And if we could we would all have them in the game immediately. But sometimes ideas have to get pre-filtered as well and be checked for feasibility and time investment. This idea here seemed feasible to me (at least, I need to ask the devs for that more specifically) but before I forward the idea to the devs, it is also good to see how urgent a feature is wanted as well (because of the backlog). That’s another reason I asked the question.

Since nobody answered on that thread but the feature to me seemed like something feasible I wanted to get more feedback.

Yes, we are asking for more feedback in general now but overall this is also what was heavily requested from us as a company and what is crucial part of my job position and for what I was actually hired. To talk to you guys! But this does not mean we do not know what we wanna do with the game. It is rather a positive change to show that we respect your constructive feedback and to give you some more insights on what’s going on here :slight_smile:

Thanks, and good day.