Instagoyle - Is this the most powerful War boost ever?

It sure seems like it. If paired with the Conquest boost, this thing is unstopable.

I think this might be even stronger than the mortar war boost. :wink:

I agree, the Conquest Boost mixed with Insta-Goyle is extremely lethal! Especially since there aren’t many ways for a defense to kill gargoyles before they reach their target

I like to have Conquest boost and use Aska. In offense is fun to summon a ton of gargoyle and destroy all. If you have them high level and forged their damage. its cool

its good even in defense , i used instagoy vs instagoy base, they just Ram to each other and died, some time my king die in 2 sec not even know where he is. Prolly only double or triple boosted paladin with as high forge on speed and hp can counter it.

The insta-goyle boost does nothing for the Gargoyle’s on defense. All the boost is for is offense. The reason it’s good in defense is strictly because of the Conquest boost

Well it still have extra dmg and hp, which is messed up my game plan is to kill them all by use blizzard and sword rain on second wave

No it didn’t. The insta boost just made those gargoyles insta in offense, nothing more nothing less.

Really ? I did see green stat on it when the boost was up. Well i guess i need to forge my spell more now, even the extra dmg now is so small.

Use bladestorm to counter gargoyles instead. Conquest boost gives them the ability to split after they die, so blizzard is not really a good spell to counter them. Bladestorm’s duration is good to kill the initial gargoyle and those that split from it after it dies.


Insta goyle also boosts damage and HP slightly for defence gargs.

Best war boost was ruthless pharaoh combined with surprise mummy :slight_smile: (aka the boosts that broke gate tower only defences).

I wish Flare would stop basing boosts on the first place boost from a previous war.  Uberblaster is useless without frostblaster.

Disagree… but just on this post … rest yes it is true it is lethal combination but fritz, blizzard and trusty will sort it out … but obviously not on low lvl (I meant spell or guardian or pal)