Installed new Version 5.3.4 (Android)... no matter what i do game stops

Name: manuel
Ali: Germany Alpha
Android latetest version
Galaxy S10+
Reinstall won`t solve the problems


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Same problems here. Android device

The application comes out when I go on the chat, during a normal game both in the game and in an odyssey, as soon as I try to forge something and generally casually. Android on Redmi Note 7

Hello After the last update I have a problem with graphics all the time, the texture of the game flashes, I play a second account on the phone with the android system

Which model of phone are you using and which version of Android?


some players reported the same problem on
android 5.0
Samsung note 3

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GPU is much faster than on screen rendering process. The phone model is not “flagship” for the trademark producer and phone parts are not integrating each others activities. I think the screen cannot finalize the rendering process, it does not halt other activities and it shows the difficulties. It is important to know what phone model is in use to refit the screen rendering program (libraries) according to phone hardware. Marketing kills the brand. This is why good brands show up on markets with low quality products.

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Hello Capt. Morgan I did not answer because I still wanted to make sure. I have the same problem all the time I play with a second account on Huawei phone with Android 6.0 Textures are blinking if I enter the items, I have the same in rr2 and the objects are invisible, although in rr2 I play PC

Low level hardware, antique phone model, Android 6.0 is a failure for Android OS (is very restrictive and punitive, many applets developers said they give up their applications update and development when Android 6.0 showed up) - best Android version was 4.3 - then Washington left its big foot on the head of 4.3 creators. A super looping process fastening the processor was lifted from Android future plans, 4.4 was showing how bad it looks the future from Washington perspective. 5.0 and 5.1 polished a bit this image. Then Washington returns in full force to censor the research and development and next to it Android 6.0 was maximal cr.ap. By that time Huawei was developing its 5G projects. And the science research future projects have massively moved out from USA. along with best IT generation. Huawei phones were meant to pass silent and unnoticeable toward the big Apple machine. The acts of insubordination to NSA and Washington were heavilly paid. Steve Jobs dies.(spleen problems perhaps). Dictatorship and ferocious abuse of power are not good. But finally these have determined the ban of Huawei. Forget Android 6.0. Buy the last Huawei P30 Pro and you will have no regrets.

Usually when blinking occurs the OS or hardware do not process “on screen” interface elements. Android 6.0 is the most Apple version of Android. Is normal to see something goes wrong for both. The screen resolution was over controlled in Andtoid 6.0 because of the screen footprints regulations imposed by the new standards in Apple. And Android had no Steve Jobs to die and just followed Apple. Many phones many many phones had screen problems after Android 6.0

before the update, nothing like that happened, the same problem I have in rr2 where I play the account with the same nickname Sniper001 and I play on the computer and items are often invisible, I can not see the hero also, only after re-logging everything returns to normal and on the phone where I have second account in OR everything is ok only if I open the tab with items it is flashing, the rest is ok as I wrote

Then is the game update problem 100%… For one moment I thought is Android 6.0 or a second layer of Huawei parts (not flagship parts) from an ancient phone model. BUT is the update 100%. If is not how your network perceives the update. Just for one time try to refresh your network connection. See if latency, pings are ok :smile:. We should have these on game screen. Big games and big screens have it. If your update alterred the network one refresh should be ok. If is not the network. Then is only the update.I realize there are not many workers behind these updates. (btw if you sell that phone with the worst Android ever I give you a dollar on it :smile:) these are the parameters of my internet at the moment

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oops you beat me :smile: I have 86 MBs only (because I see you can afford best quality devices I suggest you buying the Huawei P30 Pro because of many phone specs, one of them is the processor - which is much better than any ARM at this hour - one year ago was only a dream for ARM engineering)


Thanks for the advice, I will probably do it, and I will not pay much attention to my second account, although I systematically strengthen it :uśmiechając się:

my phone can run 2 or more games in same time, with no crash… no matter what i updated or not updated and i am also recording video and listening good music in the same time… of course i have android 10 and even if 10 has issues on some phones my phone ruins its chances to crash because is much much stronger than the installed software :smile: wish you good luck… a connection of 100 MBs / sec is a waste on Android 6. Cya


I play the first account on a PC and the second on the phone. Of course, the first account is a priority for me and thanks for the good advice, Regards :fala: