Instant Troop Donnations: Cheapening the Game

This is still an immediate/gut reaction…

But I want to say that I think the Instant Troop Donations cheapen the game.

Yep, I hate it!


lol… I love it…

  1. It’s helping to create more engagement and excitement within my alliance when it comes to war season - we can help out weaker members and in return they are more inclined to put effort in to help the alliance.

  2. It is finally something to motivate people to upgrade their alliance tower. Many of my alliance (lvl 850 alliance) were simply donating 5 - 10K at a time because there was little incentive for them to spend gems on their alliance tower. Sure we could have kicked them out but finding active members for a lvl 850 alliance is a struggle as it is and it is more important to us at this level that people are active in wars.

  3. It is an incentive for alliance members to upgrade troops favoured by the alliance because then they will be able to donate stronger troops to other players who ask for them.

  4. It simply means that attackers are a little stronger - the way to balance this is to simply invest a little more in defence.



The construct is just stupid.

It’s obviously a knock off of giving cards like in _ Clash Royale _.

But in Clash Royale, you were actually giving up something to give something. 

Here all they are doing is making people click on things and other people click back on things. 

It’s stupid. 

Plus, I think…  Though haven’t had long enough to analyze it… I think it’s creating a difference in the war system I don’t like.

Lol yeah, that’s whay I thought when I tried the new feature, it’s like card donation in CR, but at least there you get gold and xp in return, here I think it only helps lower members.