Instas in defence

Insta troops are very usefull in offence. They’re absent in  defense. I thought a lot 'bout implementing instas in defense. I didn’t got any ideas. Implementing insta troops is very hard but what 'bout implementing insta boosts. Yes Insta boosts in defense. It’s very simple. You arrange them in ordinary fashion. Just enter the guard and arrange them. When the boost is active they become invisible in defense. And when the king is near they turn to visible. (They won’t attack troops if they’re invincible.) The same application goes for mummy. (No boosts required for mummy since mummy is already instant spawn.)

       The next thing I wanna say has no direct connection with this topic. I’am talking 'bout gargoyles. Gargoyles are the most useless troops in RR2. Making them insta without boosts and reducing the attack a little bit can make them useful and balanced I guess. If they do, then the same insta application goes for them. If you find a solution in implementing the insta troops (the troops which your friends gives you) then please tell to me.

       Hope you like my idea, thank you

It’s a very interesting idea, but one that might be a bit confusing. Really neat idea about the invisibility though, that would be cool. Perhaps, instead of a confusing new idea to add to each wave, we could get a new kind of troop that would somewhat correlate with your suggestion. The Smoke Bomber, which has been suggested before by, I think, @QuantumApocalypse, would be this new troop. It would create a kind of barrier that would not only halt your king, but would make seeing oncoming troops almost really hard

Anyway, even though I like this defensive suggestion, I don’t think we need anymore help for defense until everyone has gotten used to the new balances

About your second suggestion, Gargoyles won’t be completely useless with the new Conquest boost. With that new boost, each gargoyle does the same damage as 3! I think this really will help the whole discussion on whether Gargoyles are useless or not

Totally agreed with @AwesomestKnightest, though the smoke grenadier I suggested didn’t exactly work like that (it was more about preventing ranged troops from attacking). Kind of a cool idea having invisible defenses. Would they be like the jester boxes? 

Regardless, like awesomest said, defense needs some rebalancing to make offense more worthwhile before anything else is added the recent changes made raiding more difficult.

In my view defense is a lot weak than offense. And several boosts are only useful in defense or offense alone. Making boosts be used both in defense and offense is the best way to balance the game in my opinion. Insta boosts are only used in offence. Using them in defense can be used to balance the game. Off course there are other boosts like insta boosts like dragon boosts, and portal troops. They also needs to be implemented in defense. And yes implementing them in defense don’t increase the toughness of defense. It just add a surprise attack on king. Yeah kinda like jester boxes.

Up until about the 3000+ trophy range the attacks are still fairly easy, but after the recent changes, once you get past the 3000 mark, it’ll get much harder