Boosts are having donated at the insta troops ?

No, only the unit is sent, but the boosts and forges will be the receptor’s.

That means I 'm in the fight with my perks , for example more coverage ?


You can get units from whoever you want, but those insta-units will appear with your boosts, forges and possibly also influenced by the perks you took on your gear for the battle.

Thanks  :wink:

I’d like to call @oPelle to confirm or deny any information I posted here :stuck_out_tongue:  

I think yes as you wrote but i have that 1% where i’m not sure  :wink:  for the boosts surely yes, i have some little doubts about perks and gears of hero.

can learn further details will certainly not be easy , look to it not as one sees only " bare " units .