Instead of a new unique item, how about a new unique perk?

To add something new in an effort to spice up the game, I’d like to suggest the creation of unique perks that can be discovered in the same way that unique items can be found. But instead of an actual item it would just be a single perk that can be added to an item of the person’s choosing. This would be similar to refining an item whereby you are able to add a perk. But instead of having to waste a 5 star Titan item in addition to the wisdom and time needed to upgrade the item from scratch, we could simply find the perk in the same way that we find unique items. The perk no doubt could not be equal in strength to a regular perk. But even a 30 - 50% power rating for whatever the ascension level is of the person that finds it would be a welcomed addition when added to an item.


A nice idea, a super boosted unique perk one in a while.
Still think we should be able to do something useful with uniques, they’re clogging up my inventory with so many duplicates, don’t want to sell them for peanuts…Maybe use uniques to superboost certain perks also!!


An interesting idea, which will be discussed within the team. Thanks.