Integrity Over Insolence

All that We principally ask and fundamentally expect from Flare Games is that they provide us with a Bug Free, No Strings attached gaming experience while playing Royal Revolt 2. Instead, Once Again, I have been subjected to countless days of having absolutely No Video Offers so that I can execute Boosts, or obtain Extra Free Chests. This has hampered my productivity in the game, and made it a much less rewarding and enjoyable experience. In addition, the only way one can obtain the Free Extra Chests Is by watching Video Offers. They cannot be purchased with Gems, or Coins. I have received varying responses back from Flare Games Staff, ranging from It’s a problem that the " Video Provider " is experiencing to It’s Just based on certain Parameters, and Randomness built into the game’s programming. In any event, those Video Offers have now become an integral part of the Game. And In fairness to all players, immediate attention, and a subsequent  permanent resolution should made by Flare Games in providing Us with those Video Offers on an uninterrupted non contingent basis. As the Kings and Queens they designate us to be, We deserve to have this attribute of the game made readily available to us in exchange for all of the time, money, input, understanding etc. that we have faithfully and willingly given to them. I sincerely hope that it is a rectifiable problem and not just a covert method of getting us as players to purchase Gem packages, or other Items. Either way, If You are experiencing the same issue, Notify Flare Games directly, and also voice your displeasure on Social Media and forums like this one in a collective attempt to resolve The No Video Offer, and other repetitive unresolved Bug Problems. Thanks In advance. 

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Saying there are no video offers because random said so is the biggest pile of bovine buttjuice I’ve heard in a long time. Whoever came up with that should have their salary based on random and coin tosses.

1 Resolution…Link To Facebook and your game progress should automatically be saved just by linking up and playing for a minute , or manually Save Your Game to the Clouds. Double make sure Your Game progress is saved. Uninstall the game, then Reinstall it from the Microsoft Store, etc. After the game has reinstalled it will ask do you want to continue with the game that was saved to Facebook, or one that was locally saved-I assume this is the game that can be manually saved to the clouds, i keep my game linked to Facebook, and that’s the option I select. Select which saved game you want to continue with ( Facebook, or Local), and you should be able to receive Video offers for Boosts and Extra chests, etc, once again.