Interchanging Perks between most used items or SELF FORGING


  I was wondering if it’s possible for Flare to allow users to have the best combination of perks they desire on their most used items to be decided by themselves?.

I mean if I have a gold helmet gear with morale and another helmet with farmer perk. How about using the gold gear but changing the perk without any use of gems.

This is applicable only when i have the interchangeable perks with me. I am not talking of changing the perk for free with a new spin (it is already there at the expense of 50 gems). I am just talking about us (players) doing the forging ourselfs in our inventory collection. Can be a good addition?



I like the idea of transporting a perk between two items of the same type.

I have for example an uber gear for a particular item type with a very useful uber perk that I don’t want to lose. When I see an item with better main perk and/or main stat, I might be tempted to buy it, but at the moment actually I am not. My main reason is that I don’t want to lose that good and useful uber perk. There is only a very slight chance that I get that same useful perk also on the new item.

And that is my main concern, why would I risk to lose hundreds of gems for first buying that item at grannies, knowing that I have to gamble afterwards with lots of pearls in the hope to get exactly that same uber perk again. what are the odds (4% - 7%), so that witholds me from even buying an item with better stats. Even with better stats, I won’t use that item, since I want that useful perk on the item during a raid!

If there was an option to transport a useful perk between gears of the same type or have a guarantee of 100% that I get exactly the same kind of perk I would not hesitate to buy that improved gear.

Another possibility could be introduced. When we use blacksmith and forge an item, we should have a second option, in case we already have an uber item for the same type of gear. Give us the opportunity to chose what we want to do. Decide whether you want to get an existing perk (pick the perk you want that another item of the same type already has) or get a random one. I don’t care that I need to forge that item three times to make it uber, at moment just before transforming it to uber the option should be to chose what you want as player.

I don’t care that I get an uber perk with slightly lower stats on the new item, stats can be improved. Transporting an uber perk is also a great idea, since it solves also that main concern of losing a great perk. I would not even care if the other item switches back to legendary perk.

I have been a similar situation and have in fact not chosen to go ahead with either buying or using that item, since the perk is different. 

One perk has morale and the other farmer. I want to use farmer perk on the first one because it has high gold value. The other has leadership value. Obviously, while raiding for gold I want farmer perk and the gold value, so it serves me an ideal platform to interchange this perk.

Many would agree to our (mine and Dena’s) thoughts here.

It would be ideal, there would just need to be a way to balance the upgrades otherwise people would endlessly upgrade perks (e.g. transfer a +20 blizzard perk to a +3 item and start upgrading it again).

Even better if there was a way of choosing which perks to get, or upping the chances of certain perks/eliminating perks from selection. (along with increased chance of success on successive failures).

I’d love to hear some dev/aether feedback on this, as it’s the main part of the game that is broken at the moment (blacksmith casino).



Consider this: Let’s assume, the average player customizes his items every 10 levels at about 80/90/100/110/120/130. So now Flare gets [a lot of pearls / money] x 6 x player count. What you propose (transferring customization of items) means, that Flare only gets 1/6 of the money overall (or even less, because the customization is cheaper at level 80). I don’t think, they will do that. Maybe limiting a transfer to once per item? But that means only about half the income for Flare. Would be nice to have it. I didn’t even use my free forge until now, because i’m only level 84 and it doesn’t make sense to upgrade my current items. I did use the new spell and troops perks, because they will stay and are not wasted (for now?).

If we were allowed to choose our perk for gems then this wouldn’t be an issue and a lot more gems would be spent. Instead Flare will get sporadic income from the casino system and complaints from players.


No guarantee that your first sentence will happen. On the other hand, casino system has proven itself that it delivered tons of $$$ to fg bank account, otherwise why would they expand the casino system to the whole aspects of the game now??

If you remember insta garg, they were so good but fg won’t bring them back because people won’t scroll (or not as much as usual), which translate to less $$$ for fg. After 2x insta garg season, they are gone and never to be seen again. Now they release insta archer to wake our interest again, and i have a huge hunch that after next season, insta archer will never see the daylight anymore.

My point is that fg will stick with  (or expand) the system that bring them the most $$$. And the thing that reduce their income will be gone forever.

Players will complain and threaten to leave, but most (or near all) of the paying players that already invest some money will stay and there will be new paying players replacing the one that left. It’s a sad hard fact, you can’t win against fg  :slightly_frowning_face: