Interdiction to join the alliance "button"

As you know… more or less… the alliances who set the alliance to open for getting members get most of them pissed by kids with no respect joining as they like or if someone with a old invitation to alliance but he did noise before can join too easy. A interdiction button for leaders and generals could be a solution for our stress and nerves. (Sorry I got seriously pissed off) At least a short list of interdictions… 10-20 slots.

So a button near the adding to favourite list ( the green star) could be a salvation. I’m asking to staff at least to think about it. Thank you for understanding

Edit: Sorry for posting 2 times same topic. I got an error.

So you want to block people from joining even if the alliance is set to open? We’ve been asking for that for awhile. 

I think a mod can delete the second one

Its just for pissing us off.

Edit: There’s a lot of them not only this one.

So, why you don’t set the option to Apply to join? Then they can only join when you approve. 

Cuz no one apply even if we have enough boosts to raid high. Maybe because of alliance level. Its a possibility. In present its very hard to recruit new players. So many high alliances with low recruitments. Lots of them open to have members. The situation its not pink.

Then introduce yourself in the alliance topic section by generating a topic and tell what makes your team special. What can players expect, what expectations does your team have from newcomers?

Give information about minimal trophy level, hero level, donation, ninja event plus war participation and so on. Most important is information about your team.

I did that many times before. no results…