Interested in your donation policies

If a person does not donate for a period of time, does not help out in WAR SEASON, how long would you keep them around? Keep in mind we are keeping boost active for this person and currently, they are enjoying the 1st place WAR SEASON benefits.

3-5 days. Then kick and send an invite after them if they have contributed noticeably to your alliance and you don’t want to lose them.


They donated once in two weeks. They are gone and thanks for the info.

Exception might be if they announced they’re going on a holiday or changing phone and you can plan that they’re absent temporarily and know they’ll return to active afterwards. 

Dead weight should always be sent packing.


Of corse, Like Florian said, sometimes the real world gets in the way of our video games and there is a reason for the inactivity.

if the player didn’t make you aware of the reason id cut em loose.

To do otherwise would be unfair to active members.



I totally agree. One of my alliance members told me yesterday they were going on vacation. Logged it in my spreadsheet and there you have it. This other one was a 150k donator. They were never on, donated one time, and never logged back on.


“Dead weight gets sent packing,” LOL!

In my alliance we only kick people when we can’t reach them in chat  and there is a problem like this.

If they can let us know why they aren’t pulling there weight that is fine.


But if they can’t let us know what’s happening then there is nothing we can do for them.

kick No donations rule: general 5Day back to member / Member 3Day

kick No donations rule: general 5Day back to member / Member 3Day

Are you saying 5 days for Generals and 3 days for Soldiers?

If they don’t help out with War Season constantly and only donate without speaking to anyone I have to kick them because they’re the ones with low donations of only 20k or even 50k that get raided the most; I hate to have done it but it benefitted Our Alliance very much and almost none have tried to come back so no harm there.

Okay the speaking think is rude. I keep trying to talk to people and some never respond. Guess I will be changing up my guidelines.

We have these rules:

  1. Donate - have not set rule

  2. WAR SEASON 15 no participation in each battle

  3. Go inactive without letting me know

Do these sound good?

Set a Standard donation rate that will grow your Alliance; don’t go under and try to exceed that Standard.  Sit out this War and find equal or more preferably better guaranteed replacements and then kick out from bottom to top to not hurt the Alliance and send a shutter to lazy members.  Favorite loyal Inactive members to keep track of them incase they come back online and then kick them to make room.  I hate having to do these things as a Leader but as a Leader you have to be utilitarian and make some sacrifices for the greater good of the Alliance.


Does this cover it all Master Diaz?


Do not talk or respond in chat – demoted or kicked


Miss 15 battles in WAR SEASONS – demoted or kicked


Donate every 5 days (demote) – Generals, and 3 days - Soldiers (kick)


All must be at 50k donations


2000+ Trophies (keegan902 is excluded from this rule)

Standard Donations and Trophy admittance is great but don’t follow the donation frequency, battle frequency, or chat frequency to the bone.  Those 3 rules are something that is more of a Leader’s executive choice and thought whether to predict if that member will do so eventually or just keep on the same track you know; plus no-one should have to speak in a chat because some are shy, can’t translate the words, etc.  And for inactive members again like I said if the member is loyal I’d either keep him/her around for a day or two or favorite them if they’re loyal or resourceful and then kick them.


Great advice, i will try and remember to give you two likes (I am out).


So no rules on no responding or chatting? I only have an American English labeled flag and would really like for people to at least say hi every now and then. I am not looking for chatty Kathys but for the person that never talks, they usually are the people who do not follow the rules because they cannot translate. What do you think?

If the person doesn’t talk look at their name and inference whether the person is of a nationality that speaks English, if they don’t but participate as much as anyone else keep them, if they don’t do so then kick them out of principle of communication and participation.  I had to do it recently because the member would not heed Our please for attacks and I made sure he’s found a good Alliance.  Communication can be a sole reason to kick someone but only if it hinders the Alliance.

Hi, we have the rule members must donate at least 5 days a week.

If you only ask them once in 5 days, you will never climb up.

Members get a lot (goldbonus/ eventually boosts) simply by being member.

Every member should contribute.

Also working on upgrading allitower is important.

Every war: 3 raids/ 2000 skulls

Not being chatty is ok to me if they donate and are active in wars.

It sounds to me, the major thing is particpation. Help in WAR SEASON, donate, have a bar that all alliance member need to upgrade to.


Is me giving them 15 battle of no participation too much?

I think it is way more clear to members if you tell them what you expect per war ( 3 succesfull raids/ 2000 skulls)

Also that is more easy for you to keep track of and that way you wont give room for lazy members to not participate in 15 wars per seison.

Some members cant win 2000 skulls, so first you need to find out what they are able of. Nothing more frustrating to get rules set which are too much asked…

Set strong clear rules which are reasonable, you want to climb up, your members need to climb with you…