Interesting alliance war tactic...

today we learned an interesting twist in the alliance war: an opponent lost two fiefdoms to our alliance. we had about 1-3% more skulls. in the next battle they booted their weakest players and added them back in the last hour of the battle. since they didnt join a different alliance while being outside they didnt had to wait 60 hours. they found some kind of safe space… the result: our weaker players couldnt gather skulls easily most of the time while their top-raiders earned skulls raiding our weaker players. they won that fight.

currently we fight again and they dropped many (!!!) lowlevel or high-skull members so we have again a hard time grinding skulls.

i think it is a clever way and it also takes a lot of organizational skills. however i would like to know if this is an intended possibility? it feels to me as fair as trophy dumping&stripping.

It’s clever and perfectly normal in an actual War-type scenario but for a game built on what I believe Honor and integrity I believe it is cheap and unjust to fight like that; it does however show that your Alliance is stronger and they know it so the only way they can win is by playing sly cards and tricks to essentially steal the one.

clever and fair tactic for me, you guys should’ve done the same tho to counter them but would take perfect teamwork and cooperation plus good timing of when to return and raid without giving the other team a chance


So it took us a bit to understand what was really going on, and we are also discussing to use this tactic. From the usual single player tournaments in RR2 different tactics are known on when to gather the medals to win the torunament. I was expecting similar things to happen in alliance war.


The extreme version of this tactic is (and if it isn’t already used, we will see it next season): Only 1-5 members are in the alliance at the beginning of a war. (Are you excluded from war season if you drop members many members in the beginning? - If possible, only 1 player left will be the optimum.) This will be the champion and some power-grinders which offer “expensive” skulls (means: they have a very good defense). In the last few minutes (just enough to do 3 successfull raids) everybody else joins to gather skulls.

This will become ridicoulus, if both parties follow this procedure: Pure boredom for 23 hours of the war, since it is also hard for the “elite members” to fight each other.

It will furthermore result in a selection of alliance members which can be active in this last hours - some ppl have to work/sleep/whatever to do, and cannot contribute to this tactic.

I don’t want to call this cheating, since the game allows it. So flare should take some measures to prevent it, if they don’t it’s fair, since it is allowed.


I would definitely call it unfair play against the other alliance, albeit I respect opinions of others. Just keep 8-10 best members in with tough bases (8 members is minimum limit of alliances) and let all others return in last hour of the fight to score heavily. Big chance you win the fight if scenario works well, unless your strongest players aren’t as strong as you thought they would be and are beaten by almost every player of the other alliance. I would consider it funny when players kicked out temporary are no longer willing to join the alliance at all and this miscalculation causes losing the war. It could be clever tactics, but doesn’t deserve a price.


Could definitely work for an alliance where all members come from almost same region, but not for alliances with members spreaded all over the world.


But to be honest, how would you feel if you are one of the players who is kicked out temporary just to win or better said, prevent losing a war? Even if I knew it was temporary and it also clearly announced by the team, I still would feel bad, since I was considered not good enough to fight during war season. And since I don’t like cheap tricks to win a war, I would definitely reconsider to be a member of such an alliance. I would rather lose in a fair way with complete team without any excuses, then to win by using tactics like this.


Fortunately our alliance fights fair and that makes me proud to be a member of it.


The rule should be changed completely and just eliminate the 60 hour codown period. Change the rule, players can only join/leave alliance during cooldown period between war seasons. then these tricks are banned out, no excuses no cheap tricks. just fight for what you are worth for as an alliance, one against one.

This tricks has been using since season 1. I think this is the reason Flare bring out the 30 hours then 60 hours cooldown timer. But flare didn’t know the timer won’t apply to the new members who haven’t earned any skulls. Which can’t stop this tricks.


There are 4 alliances (sharing 240 members) doing this tricks together every seasons since season 1, i hope you feel better when you know your alliance still in a fairer league.

We kinda scored 173k vs 160k on VL without really trying, without swapping any member and without kicking our low guys. What are you talking about?

I’m sure Strawhat will find something wrong with what you guys did.  If it’s against VL, you did something wrong.

I think it would be about second front with RL*

Still, I don’t see how they could have covered the difference, especially cause we mostly stopped any farming at 6 hours till the end of war, I was just bringing lowest players from 200-800 skulls to 1500-2000 afterwards xD


Great to hear that Apoc stop sharing members with other 3 alliances and support fair play. What about the other 3 alliances? Are they still using this trick or like Apoc support fair play?


I just hope I can make Mutt feel better that his alliance is in a fairer league, that’s it. I didn’t mention any alliance name. Don’t need to be too defensive.

I don’t really know which trick you’re talking about :slight_smile:

On season 1 Todes received help from 6 friends, to beat NATO.

On other seasons - they not only avoided to attack hard alliances - they send players to reinforce at least VL :slight_smile:

The same like with everything else? I could only see AC battles, we had just a few replacements vs VL, and just 2 of those replacements made it into top 30 earners. While on season 3 VL still had reinforcements from Todes.

Starting from season 3 - your alliance only faced either alliances who cannot do anything against you, or those who you simply cannot win no matter what, so absense of “tricks” on your side, from the day you joined - doesn’t mean anything.

Of course, no one shared any fiefdoms, that’s why on season 4 VL and IL got 8 fiefdoms each and todes got just 2… Oh wait. Todes got how much? 5? Of course Todes beated VL and IL in fair combat, so no sharing happened! :slight_smile:

Anyway, I am please to hear that Apoc stop sharing members and support fair play. Thumb up!!! 


No offence RevenanT, I left Burn because Burn kicked half of the members so SK and it’s allies join Burn just to beat VL. I was kicked even i had ~2300 skulls with 10+ hours left for the day. This is what sharing members, not just replacing few members with 0 skulls. There is big difference (even replacing few members still unfair to the alliance keep the 0 skulls), We didn’t even replaced the 0 skulls when we fighted VL and IL or any alliance last seasons and this season.


I heard Season 3 standing in your league is funny, I was told it should in youtube stating “How to win an alliance war in top league with no effort”. Can you show me the standing of Season 3?

That looks like you were in a hard fight for whole season guys! Especially Todes!