Internationalization / translation support in chat

Our alliance has been using google translate to be able to communicate across language barriers.  Some better/automatic support would be great built into the chat.  Just some ideas:

For all messages in all chats, on server side:

  • cache all translations in a separate translations database
  • Allow readers to vote a translation - if not a good translation, vote it down.  If it is a good translation, vote up.  (Perhaps “tounge karma” for users that mistranslate or are good at translation, bad karma will auto score low new translations from that user.  Perhaps if too low, they are no longer allowed to submit translations for a long period of time.  Like a exponential password timeout/lockout to discourage abuse)
  • use the google translate API to perform initial translations
  • use player language preferences to limit number of API calls to target languages for a given alliance
  • for any message, add the ability to add or edit (copy on write) a translation manually (limit to captain or higher if abused?)  - those members that are dual lingo can manually translate difficult/complex translations or correct poorly translated messages
  • Auto display the highest scored translation, but clicking on a messages displays all submitted translations (filter out and display the user’s chosen large usage by default, but toggle to show all languages) for a message sorted by rank
  • perhaps a toggle button on the UI that will enable/disable translation (highlighting any translated phrases)

Perhaps a reward for those players that translate often or have high tounge karma - extra ambrosia or random epic chest, or something.

If this is too much of a pain in the *****, then just a hook on mobile devices to submit the chat transcript to the google translate app.