Introduce new scroll

We have seen many spells being added but not a new scroll!!


Beast hero:-hero grows bigger in size 200% attack speed ,5k damage with all types of damage in it,100% speed .

Fastercolldown:-reduces spell cooldown to half for two spell casts and player gets an instant spell recharge when cast this scroll.


Any more suggestions are welcome.

How about the “You Win!” scroll - for 199 gems you get 100% of everything right of the bat without even needing to try. Complete with autocasting every time you go raiding. (that’s for the rich folks over at VL :stuck_out_tongue: )

It should be 1k gems …only rich people will use it.


Once you get a new scroll it will grow old and you will demand a NEW one again and the cycle repeats omg

I never think of negative aspects of a thing.

New scroll bring new possibility in game.


that’s not a negative aspect but rather a true and natural thing!

then why do we need to update the game?

I want 4 slot

Me too, actually. With all those new troops and spells 3 slots are starting to feel insufficient.

Just sayin’…