Introduce Yourself!

Hi!I am Brolin,Nice to meet you folks.I am also Renowned as VoidX.If you likes to visit my palace you are welcome :grinning:



Great topic, Brolin!  


I am known in-game as Sn1kt.  I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with many active Royal Revolt 2 members over on Facebook and at Getsatisfaction and look forward to continuing that here!  Thanks to Flare for providing a more general and comfortable venue to chat in.  The ability to interact directly with Flare Staff doesn’t hurt either.   :grinning:


Some of you may be familiar with my RR2 videos where I do base reviews, discuss tactics and try to cover at least some of the major updates/developments in the game.  They can be found on youtube over here:


A bit more about me: I have been a fan of RPGs (including classic action-RPGs like Super Nintendo’s Secret of Mana, which shares a lot similarities with RR2’s raid dynamics) since I was very young.  My favorite series over the years have been Final Fantasy, The Elder Scrolls, Fallout and WoW (which I went on indefinite hiatus playing just before Mists of Pandaria).  


These days, I am busy with “grown up” responsibilities and don’t have long spans of time to sit and play uninterrupted or to go on long.  But, I love action-RPG gameplay and strategy as much as ever.  As it turns out, Royal Revolt 2 has just the right balance, offering a “mid-core” experience that is  immersive and challenging but also a game that can be meaningfully played in short spurts and from which you can walk away without feeling you’ll miss something crucial.  


See you around.  :sunglasses:

Hiyas …


Sweetrvg here in game known as FLiPPiNgNuTz…I’m some what addicted to this game…just not enough bread to be made…lol…


Hope to see some of you visiting my place…actually I insist…please let em know what ya think…


CYAs around…

‘Ernesto the Yodipots’ in the house RR2 addicts. I made a request to Flare to change my in-game name to ‘11th Son’ but no response yet.

I’m a newbie both in the forum and in the game.

Looking forward to meeting you all (in the game atleast)!

Hey there

The_Lucifer in game royal revolt 2. I really love this game.

I really like playing RPGs, one of my favourite was dungeon hunter 4. Played it until it ate too much space on my device. I am using windows phone , and royal revolt 2 is one of the best games I have ever played. Since on windows platform, this may be the best game I have ever found and stuck for so long. Thank you flare games for that!!

I am still learning in RR2 , working my way up :stuck_out_tongue:

im killemog ive played the game for a while now and have quite enjoyed it i personally enjoy hunting bigger fish my personal goal is it find a way to compete with the top 10 without too many gems used :slight_smile:

Hi. Add me on facebook. i would like to make friends with other players. Also i have a suggestion, i wanted he gm to add more unique units, like speaeman,Ballista,the real knigt with horses, another mage, monsters, vampires,succubus,ghouls, also add more buildings, wanted the castle look like ancient times, that is really big.

loved D G 4 until I maxed out then had to find a new drug. R R!!!

Hey Jona,

What is your IGN ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi I am draigorr. Love this game. New to this kind of interaction but will do my best. Have loads of questions. A few ideas. Love to chat and look forward to making friends and defeating all invaders.

if you have any questions that you dont want to make a post about feel free to pm me im a lvl 80 player in-game so i have a decent bit of knowledge to share.


hope you have fun

Hi all :slight_smile:

My IGN is laynardi. I a windows phone user.

Currently still in low mid level.

Be easy on me okey tee hee :slight_smile:

Loved to see this forum. I hope can get more enlightment from high level player.

I hoping not too long to see chat, alliance and alliance war feature from flaregames.

That would bring RR2 more exciting.

I’m sorry for my unfluent english.

Hey everyone this is Jason, you probably know me from the Youtube channel If you haven’t checked it out, I highly recommend dropping by.  I do the Official rate my base series for flare games, have a lets play series that we buy no gems what so ever and then have my high level game play account King Jason W which is level 75 and around the top 500 right now.


About me

I’ve been playing video games since I was 4 or 5 with a NES system my father had. I am currently 27. I love jrpg specificly Dragon Quest and MMORPG (Never played WoW tho) have sucked me in for a good portion of my life as well. Currently playing Archeage and Royal revolt 2. Been playing Royal revolt 2 since the game launched back in March? I believe it was and through help from other players and my quick learning abilities I developed the only youtube channel at the time that was covering RR2 and it quickly be a hit…at least in my mind. Flare games took notice, and now we have a working relationship where I do the rate my base series and help out here on the forums!


Thanks Jona for listening to player feedback and improving the game and implementing *cough* patch notes *cough* 


In game name

Jason W


Come raid me!

My name is same as my game’s account.

Yes, my name in the game is Zoname. I always open my base to gain some gem, trade my gold with your gem!

i’m ductd831 king level 73 :slight_smile:

Hi all my nick is Job MarceLL 708 . Ios user.quite enjoy this game. Still trying become no 1-5 @ leaderboard hahaha but not greedy .slow but sure

Hey ho - my Nickname in game is ElementG. King Level near up to Lv 71. I like the strategy parts and hope to find nice conversations about Spells, Buildings and Troops in this forum in future.

Hello guys,


I’m oPelle in game,


I like the challenge but don’t be hasty  :wink:

My username here in this forum is the same with my King’s name. I’m currently only Level 29 on this game. This game is very addictive. I hope I can make friends with this game and to be on the top of leaderboard someday. :slight_smile:

Hi all, I got 6 profiles but all of them are weak. They are MaxIsle, Aryan Blouria, Ace_15, metalinkx, i am sai the great, and Austin201.  3 of them would be inactive though cause i cannot play with so many profiles at once you know. :stuck_out_tongue: