Introduce Yourself!

Hi all :slight_smile:

My IGN is laynardi. I a windows phone user.

Currently still in low mid level.

Be easy on me okey tee hee :slight_smile:

Loved to see this forum. I hope can get more enlightment from high level player.

I hoping not too long to see chat, alliance and alliance war feature from flaregames.

That would bring RR2 more exciting.

I’m sorry for my unfluent english.

Hey everyone this is Jason, you probably know me from the Youtube channel If you haven’t checked it out, I highly recommend dropping by.  I do the Official rate my base series for flare games, have a lets play series that we buy no gems what so ever and then have my high level game play account King Jason W which is level 75 and around the top 500 right now.


About me

I’ve been playing video games since I was 4 or 5 with a NES system my father had. I am currently 27. I love jrpg specificly Dragon Quest and MMORPG (Never played WoW tho) have sucked me in for a good portion of my life as well. Currently playing Archeage and Royal revolt 2. Been playing Royal revolt 2 since the game launched back in March? I believe it was and through help from other players and my quick learning abilities I developed the only youtube channel at the time that was covering RR2 and it quickly be a hit…at least in my mind. Flare games took notice, and now we have a working relationship where I do the rate my base series and help out here on the forums!


Thanks Jona for listening to player feedback and improving the game and implementing *cough* patch notes *cough* 


In game name

Jason W


Come raid me!

My name is same as my game’s account.

Yes, my name in the game is Zoname. I always open my base to gain some gem, trade my gold with your gem!

i’m ductd831 king level 73 :slight_smile:

Hi all my nick is Job MarceLL 708 . Ios user.quite enjoy this game. Still trying become no 1-5 @ leaderboard hahaha but not greedy .slow but sure

Hey ho - my Nickname in game is ElementG. King Level near up to Lv 71. I like the strategy parts and hope to find nice conversations about Spells, Buildings and Troops in this forum in future.

Hello guys,


I’m oPelle in game,


I like the challenge but don’t be hasty  :wink:

My username here in this forum is the same with my King’s name. I’m currently only Level 29 on this game. This game is very addictive. I hope I can make friends with this game and to be on the top of leaderboard someday. :slight_smile:

Hi all, I got 6 profiles but all of them are weak. They are MaxIsle, Aryan Blouria, Ace_15, metalinkx, i am sai the great, and Austin201.  3 of them would be inactive though cause i cannot play with so many profiles at once you know. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not passionate about the game, I have a lot of adversity in real life, make I fled and sank in the virtual world, but happy to play this game and to know everyone.  :slight_smile:  

well im confused now

Hi, my nick in the game is the same I signed up…I’m level 79 and I think I still didn’t learn to fight well…not yet!!  :slight_smile:

Hi, My name is King … HAhahaha that’s my real name… That’s why I luv Royal Revolt 2 because of my name discovered  :stuck_out_tongue:

Greetings to my fellow Kings and Queens of the land. I am Jordan; I began playing this game about a week ago and in result have become extremely addicted to it. With this new Alliance feature and trying to beat the Diamond League I will be even more addicted. I plan to build an Alliance and would like people to join or to play with. The game is a lot of fun and I plan on becoming an even stronger kind. My in game name is Master Diaz, and for any PSN players out there I am BINK2014 on PlayStation. To everyone have a glorious day in your kingdoms and be sure to guard your gold from my growing troops.

Very nice game ! but i think its very good to put the path -way to the left , so the warriors comes behind you =)  sorry my english !

im on high lvl so good luck …use free diamonds on internet every day … my name is Capslock =)

The first topic i enjoyed reading like to know more about Sn1kt :slight_smile:

wow mani didnt know you were a Khan

My name is anonymous and i’m from Cali , Where the weak do not last, Notorious for Gangs , Hot women , And the best Marijuana on the continent, and apparently to some members i am the most aggressive and rudest member ever in Royal Revolt history *cough.


In the summer of 2015 i’ll be signing a 6 year contract with the  U.S Army, If ever i get shipped to Iraq or Afghanistan be sure to write me a letter and tell me if you leveled up yet and if Granny is still alive or if i’m still rude.



So Nice to meet you all … 

Hey people! I’m Chan38, also my in game name. Feel free to drop by and leave some feedback on my base.  :stuck_out_tongue: