Introducing GalaMorgane

As announced, we have a new community manager joining us, the wonderful @GalaMorgane

I’ll let her introduce herself! Please give her a warm welcome, and say hello! 

Hello everyone!

Super hyper to work with you all and make it da best Community ever!

If you have questions, feel free, I’ll happily answer!

In the meantime, you’ll see me on the forum!


Welcome @GalaMorgane! If you would like an invite to the OR Line chat, let me know. It’s always entertaining.

Welcome Gala, nice to have you here! (Love the pic too)

All hope abandon ye who enter here. Hellcome!

Hello and wellcome GalaMorgane. We like this game a lot and most of the forum users are playing this game very long period. It always feels good that our devs reacting our comments/suggestions sometimes our complains. So i want to thank FG for introducing us GalaMorgane ???

Hi @GalaMorgane,How do you do?


Thank you all for the warm welcome

@HOLYDIVINE - I’m doing fantastic thank you! I hope everybody is having a great day!


**Hello and wellcome GalaMorgane we are happy to have u here with us,
What about our friend @CaptainMorgan is he’s ur husband :stuck_out_tongue:  ( u both have the same name - Morgan )

Again we are happy to have u with us :slight_smile:  **

Ahaha @Samir

Nope! @CaptainMorgan is not my husbando, we’re just both Morgan/Morgane :slight_smile:

wellcome @GalaMorgane

Welcome to you 

hope to be the best as soon as possible ?

Welcome to join us. Hope you won’t be bothered by millions of requests   XD

haha, welcome once again Gala. I see there was no mention of an octopus…perhaps @KKStar was right when he said the Octopus pal may be added to flaregames Haha. Anyway, great to have you here on the forums for RR2 and OR. 2 of the most awesome games I’ve seen

Welcome Gala  :slight_smile:


Welcome nice to have you

Welcome friend, I hope you can help us improve our game.