Introducing GalaMorgane

As announced, we have a new community manager @GalaMorgane.

I’ll let her introduce herself! 

@GalaMorgane Hello! Congratulations? I wish good luck and patience and COMMUNICATION with us)))

Hellu everybody!

Very happy to join the team here at FlareGames and super excited to work with you all guys!

What to say now… I love octopi! Here we go, I had to put it somewhere!

Also, my favorite Pal is definitely Fritz  :wub:

If you have questions, letza go! I’ll happily reply.

Looking forward to share awesome moments with you guys!



Welcome GalaMorgane… you should change your title to “Administrators” instead of “Moderator” being a CM. 

Welcome GalaMorgane… I wish you a good luck


Welcome! Nice to have you here :))))) please don’t hate us too  soon :wink:

Oh( hello @GalaMorgane

and best wishes with all those complainers?

Welcome to the Community @GalaMorgane! ?

Wish you luck! We’re looking forward for your activity here. ?


ps. by the way @cr1 is one of ‘those complainers’ too but has yet to realize himself. LOL

@Mag - I already hate ya’ll but that’s standard for any Community Manager! :stuck_out_tongue:

Joke aside, thanks for the warm welcome! Really appreciated :wub:

Awwww, thanks <3 though hate can be mutual :wink:

Kidding, hope you have a good time here :slight_smile:

Welcome GalaMorgane…

Good luck @GalaMorgane, congratulations with your task as Community manager.

Welcome Gala!

It has been about 10 months without a Community Manager and there has been a lot of frustration about this in the community.

So you being here and filling this important position is very much appreciated. And even if some of us (including myself) have been ranting a lot because almost nobody from Flare has been hearing the communities less and more important complaints, I think I speak for everybody if I say we will be glad to help you to adjust to this new position and hope to start finding good solutions to improve the game we love. Together we can be a healthy community again. :slight_smile:

I hope you had time to get used to the game and play it, as it comes with experience to realize that there are many very different aspects/needs to RR2 for players of lower, medium and high level.

A part of your job will be to make clear to your boss, co-workers and devs what the community wants, proposes or needs. Another one might be to tell the players what is possible and what is not (most of us do prefer some clear words instead of silence). I wish you good luck in finding the right balance for this task and will be happy to help you with it.

See you around,

Good reminder! I had her in (not-so-)stealth mode until we were ready to announce her to the community. This should now be changed! 

Hey thanks @MagischerKoenig for the recap! I’m no freshman tho and I’ve been doing this job for quite some years now! ^_^

I do play the game pretty actively! Loving them dungeons! There is definitely a lot of things to explore but I have an awesome team around me helping me out and giving me all the tips!




What’s your ign?  :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey!! Great to have you here!!! Can’t wait to see your comments, glad you can be a part of this!! BTW, it is Octopuses, not Octopi. Haha, I learned that the hard way from the Trivia show HQ

Show us your picture so we can better relate to you as  a human being 

Both are actually valid :stuck_out_tongue:

wow, you really know your history haha