Introducing GalaMorgane

@GalaMorgane I need only one thing no need my account account had already banned from the game long ago.I dont know why I get banned.and I am trying to contact customer support.but no positive replays.I request you to take a fast action on my account.dont tell me to contact customer support.I need an answer right was 6 months ago.please help me to unban my suspension is over I thinkngive me a chance.I need my account

Hey @Youth

Sorry to hear about that. However this is not the place for such request. You do have to go through Customer Support. I cannot take any actions in regards to banned accounts, lost accounts and so on. I am not a Customer Support Agent.

The rules are the same for everybody :slight_smile:


Hello GalaMorgane, glad to see you all happy and bubbly, finally we have some one to moan about (well we do it anyway). Just wonder when you mod changes and u start hate ur job here  as we are not easy and remember: customer is always right lol :wink:

I guess now that you got uncovered as Octocommunity Manager Queen is a good time to wish you good luck and good relations to the team and the community! Looking forward to more posts as informative as the quirks about octopus plural forms!

Although, I have to say, cats are even better than octopi! ^_^

Congrts @GalaMorgane good to have you… Cheers



welcome GalaMorgane

Hello @GalaMorgane! Welcome to the RR2 Community (and OR one too)! I hope you do have a great experience with the community and the benchmark can be raised.  On octopi, I just recall Paul :wink:

Great job on the pickup there KK, octopus pal is coming soon lol

I can imagine a ‘tentacle-slash’ attack for it, just like OR’s Hydra. :stuck_out_tongue:

didn’t realize you played OR. Very cool game isn’t it?

Hmmm, Ink attack sounds fun.

Octopus pal is okay with me. 

But first we need the cutest animal on earth as a pal: The Otter  :wink:

Haha, what about the turtle…I think Turtle would’ve been a better Shield Pal than Bucky. Makes more sense with its shell and all

No, no. An otter with pro-cuteness can never be beaten.

Besides, imagine a running turtle…  :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe a hedgehog…just look at the picture I found under baby hedgehog haha…cute, right?

baby hedge.PNG

If they made the turtle really slow…it’d still make progress than Fritz, as Fritz just slides 5 tiles behind the king lol

@GalaMorgane Hi and welcome aboard. The game has needed an active CM for a long time. If you know as much about the game as you know about octopuses we are in good hands lol.

I know quite a bit about octopuses too actually :stuck_out_tongue: . Um…they have 8 legs (thus the octo), they spray ink when endangered, it has 3 hearts, nine brains, and most fascinating of all…Blue blood

Cool facts 

Welcome to the show. :slight_smile: I’m the Grand Poobah of the Royal Order of Those Complainers, in case you didn’t know. :stuck_out_tongue:

And yes, an octopal is most welcome (has it a spin attack to damage everything around?). Y’know, with all these pals we’d come up with and want it’d be less Royal Revolt and more Pokemon.