Introducing The Royal Revolt Board Game!!

Since flaregames is in bad times right now, in terms of money, I have decided to come up with an idea that, if made, would boost them up big time. I am currently making a Royal Revolt 2 board game! This would add extra fun to those players around the world who love the game and even those who haven’t heard of it yet! You can insert different bases into the board game slot and face off against your rivals in epic, dice-rolling fun! 

Rules: 2 Kings per game, one dice rolled per turn. In a base there are 31 tiles. Whoever reaches the Castle Gate first wins the game! To get past a barricade or blockade you must roll a 2. Example: You start at your tent and roll a 3. Two tiles in front of the tent is a blockade. You cannot get over the blockade. On the next turn you must roll a 2 or more to get past it. It is the same with all blockades and barricades. Spike Traps are always “boosted” they are therefore, Frost Traps. If you land on top of one of these deadly traps you must roll double to get through tiles on your next turn. For example: Without running into a Frost Trap you would roll a 3 to run 3 tiles. But on the next turn (next turn ONLY) you would have to roll a 6 to run 3 tiles. Jester Boxes set your king back 1 tile. Arrow Towers in defenses give your opponent a one tile boost. Bomb and Frost Towers slow your king down for 2 turns. The Gargoyle, Snake, and Basilik Towers stop your king for 1 turn. Firebolt and Skull Towers set you back 1 tile. The Lightning Tower stops your king for 2 turns. The Heal Tower gives your opponent a speed boost. Ever number rolled on the die is double. For example: Roll a 4, go forward 8 spaces. Note: You cannot get hit by a tower across the path. You must be on the tile of the tower for all the effects to take place.

Well, I hope this can make it out into the game industry, cause I’d definitely buy it. It’d be cool and really fun


Flare is gonna make a ton of money all right - by suing you for copyright infringement.

Other than that, well done. Takes me back (for some reason) to when I was making up dice games as a kid. :slight_smile:

I wasn’t meaning I was gonna make the game. I’m just gonna make the board to kinda show what I mean

For al we know your idea might already be in the process of realizing it for real.

You will not get the royalties though. My advise: never share an idea unless you get a profit out of it.

You are correct, but in this case I was not in it for profit, just to try to help out flaregames

Love the idea for a RR2 board game! Would be fun. Perfect for when your internet crashes or are having computer problems and you need something else to do. :slight_smile:

What about Royal revolt cookies?

I’m down. I want pyromancer cookies, ninja cookies and one of my character. :slight_smile:


I think @AwesomestKnightest would approve too. :slight_smile:  

I like it but it’s just missing a “Chance” deck of cards sort of like Monopoly has. If somebody rolls a 1, they should pull a chance card. Some possible cards could be:

Boost event doesn’t get announced, lose 1 turn

Aska found in ordinary pal chest, roll the dice and move 2x rolled forward

New update pushed out and you can’t install it, lose 3 turns

Crash card- Game over, you lose


Or the “Royal Revolt Flamethrower”. When it works with Spaceballs-Brand, why not?