Introducing the UBER chest!!

Please add the UBER chest into the game! :slight_smile:


It is capable of giving you Uber items :slight_smile:

Uber item woth a random perk on it?


but even though flare introduces it

they will add thier greedy flavour

LIKE- UBER chests can only be

bought for 1 dollars and they

conatain atleast one uber gem reward!




I was hoping that it would be included in the daily login rewards stuff, or reduce the skulls needed for war chests so that legendary chests would be easier to get but the uber chests even harder to get; you know, something like that.

Not a good idea. With daily chest+ Free Chest+ War Chest that make the game so easy now with the gold on Windows PC. if you add Uber Chest in War Season or in Daily Chest I don’t know what gonna still to do in this game if you can find super strong Hero Items with perk.

For me the fun its find Legendary items Boost them 3 times and find the perk you got and if you got a worst perk you find another Legendary items and Boost at +3 for another perk and so on…

I don’t see what advantage Uber chest can give.You must think about low player. I don’t see well a level 5 wearing strong Hero items at this level.He gonna be overpowering and nothing can stop him. I don’t know how Flare can add this in this game


I don’t think we need to find uber items.  

But I would like if there was something that we could get from a chest that would let us re-roll a perk, that would be nice.

Just hope we can have them during War Season or in daily chest

Smiles, congrats for having your suggestion becoming a reality.

And I think we can’t have them for war or daily chest, I guess Aether mentioned we can only buy them.

A great idea which was totally molested by flares greed. 

Hopefully more and more players will leave due to this shit fest of boundless greed. Sadly I think it will be too late when  they realize they made it way to p2w :confused:

congrats, your wish is granted, now live with it without any complains  ^_^

Opening 5 uber chests here ya go! Hit that like button please to help me out!


Welcome back on the forum moderator, great to see you coming finally here to advertise your video :slight_smile:


LOL, I am always here just had nothing to post. I clean up spam and threads like that. =)